Not So Fun In The Sun

In my previous post I mentioned how my skin tone changes so I thought it would be appropriate to talk about how I now protect myself from the sun and how dangerous I think it is.

I have always been slightly anaemic which basically means I never have have enough blood running through my veins especially at particular times of the month so it is mostly a result of menstruation and possibly not leading a healthy lifestyle. This sometimes makes me tired, depressed, and unmotivated. It also makes more more susceptible to changes in the environments temperature. I don't cope very well when I walk from a hot room into a room that has the air con being blasted away. I'm okay with still air and I could happily walk into a fridge. It's cold winds that I don't like and hot humid weather.

The fastest I've noticed a tan developing was after just two hours of walking around in the sun. I now have an awkward line where my feet are golden brown but my toes are pale yellow thanks to my ballet flats. Being mixed with black and white means I can almost instantly go from being Casper the friendly ghost to a Brazilian beauty in just a week or so. This however isn't always the case and usually requires prolonged sun exposure in somewhere like Spain. In England I have laid outside for four hours and got nothing but a light case of heat exhaustion and purple legs that looked bruised all over which developed into a pathetic excuse of a tan afterwards.

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke is no joke, I felt like I was slipping away and I couldn't move or even speak. This was because I was attempting to tan for a straight four hours at the worst time of the day (between 11am and 3pm, when the sun is at its peak). I'm lucky nothing serious happened which was probably because I am half black and therefore half built for hot weather. If this was anyone else I think it would have been more serious. The sun exposure that burns some people only gives me the faintest tan. I have never been sunburnt in my entire life therefore I have never seen the sun as a danger and only a nuisance for it's prickling heat and giving me tan lines where my T-shirt has been. My dad is has darker skin than me but still peels all over his hands.

It wasn't until my little sister was confirmed to have a particular skin condition that I began to realise how harmful UV rays can be. My little sister is allergic to UVA and UVB rays therefore she is pretty much allergic to the sun. She has to wear factor 50 sunscreen and protective clothing other wise she comes up with a rash across her nose and cheeks that looks like chicken pocks but forms water blisters which then crust over. It mainly appears on her face but sometimes on her ears and lips. I would put up some pictures but they are gruesome and I don't think my sister would be happy with me doing that anyway.

Death and Tanning Taxes

Seeing how even stepping outside for 30 minutes affects her skin has made me realise just how prevalent UV rays are and learning about them in University has also taught me how destructive they are. If UV rays are used to obliterate bacteria then think of how harmful they are to us. I don't think anything would more harmful and unstoppable if it wasn't for the ozone layer around the earth protecting us. This however is slowly, or should I say rapidly, depleting thanks us humans. It makes me angry that everyone on earth including myself is making my little sister's skin condition worse.

Tanning beds and cancer risk

So until I figure out a way to control humankind and stop killing the ozone, I'm concentrating on protecting myself from the rays of death. I have been on the hunt for a sunscreen that doesn't have silicones or parabens etc. and after almost giving up I stumbled across this in discount UK (where I seem to find everything strangely enough). It's also available in body care for around £4 which seems pricey but its a spray bottle and a little goes a long long way.

It comes out as an almost clear liquid that is easy to spread unlike most traditional sunscreens. It's a teensy be greasy and makes my skin shiny but by the time I've gotten ready and drove to work its mostly sunk in and my skin just looks a bit glowy which I don't mind at all. It doesn't smell horrible but it isn't my favourite scent.

Usually sunscreens prevent me from getting a tan so I am yet to test it on my pasty legs. I am hoping that this will be good enough for my sister. She gets her sunscreen for free on prescription but it's a different brand. It's made in Australia and I think I can trust them to make excellent sunscreens that do the job. Australia is well known for advertising the importance of sun protection, however my sister complains about her sunscreen being too greasy and I think that's because of the silicones, not to mention it has parabens too. if she could get this one on prescription then that would be great, i's also made in the UK so less air miles :)

It's also hay-fever season, which means endless nights of blowing into tissues and puffy sore eyes. My eyes don't exactly go all puffy but they do get red and sore. It's my nose that really suffers, all blocked and sniffling, I can barely breath at night. In my ears I also start to feel a horrible prickly feeling right at the core as if someone is poking my brain with needles through my ear canals. I usually use Vick's for colds and it does an okay job for about 2 hours, then the effects wear off. I had no idea it could be used for hay fever until I bought a little pot out of desperation and read the info leaflet. This helps me sleep all through the night with no troubles and does a better job on my hay-fever than on regular colds. 

I also bout a nasal spray from Vick's as well but since I haven't used it yet I couldn't be bothered to take a picture and put it up on here. I usually take hay-fever/allergy tablets and they work wonders on my cat allergies but do almost nothing for my hay-fever. luckily its gotten better now that this heatwave is coming to an end.

Remember.... Slap, Hat and Splat!!! 

or was it the other way round???


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