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Conditioners of late

Over the past month or so I have managed to try a few more conditioners on my quest to build a CG repertoire of hair products.
So in chronological order....

Herbal essences Totally twisted and dazzling shine conditioner. Totally twisted is the USA version of tousle me softly here in the UK but our UK formula seems to have a non CG ingredient. I bought the totally twisted bottle in Discount UK and as you can see it had to be imported from Belgium. I've tried every type of CG herbal essences conditioner and have found them useless during the heatwave. The only thing they seem to do well is make my hair smell nice. In the past I have watered them down to create a leave-in spray which worked well and gave me reliable results. I decided I didn't want to waste something that was CG so I used the conditioner as a leave in straight from the bottle. My little sisters always used to rave about leaving regular conditioner in their hair after washing but I was never keen on the idea. Now…

Flat-Ironing my hair with new products

I actually straightened my hair weeks ago but haven't found the time or the motivation to do a post about it.  It's such a long process and once you leave something for a while it's difficult to get back to it.
But here I am determined to get this done even if I have to power through with just bullet points, but no doubt I find a way to ramble on about something.

First I detangled in the shower with my shower comb and trusty tangle teezer. I would have preferred to do this over the bathtub using the shower head to save the hassle of getting wet and having to moisturise afterwards.

I then shampooed and deep conditioned with the Naked Smooth and silky range. The shampoo smells gorgeous but I'm not too keen on the conditioner. It's not as thick as the other Naked conditioner's I've tried but it was decent enough compared to the herbal essences conditioners which don't do anything for me when the shower cap is on.

When I deep conditioned I put my hair in a…

Sleek foundation tester kits

Crème to powder foundation tester kit (left hand side) and  the skin revive liquid foundation tester kit (bottom right). Shades go from light to dark from left to right on both tester kits.
I bought both from amazon but you can order them directly from the sleek website for £2.99 each. I ordered both kits in the light range however there is a light/fair tester kit for the skin revive foundation. There really isn't much choice for lighter skin tones with sleek colours however there's so much for medium-dark skin tones.
I have talked about the crème to powder test kit before in an earlier post but I thought I'd give it a more thorough review. It basically gives a bit of coverage but I still find it difficult to cover red spots and my under dark eye circles, I think a proper concealer is needed to give enough coverage in those areas. It does make my skin look so much better and using a mix of the right colours I can get a reasonably natural finish with it. Both foundations a…

My first sugar scrub

Usually I use something in the form of a stone pumice to exfoliate my skin which is perfect for bath time but not so easy to use balancing on one leg in the shower. I was previously using a body scrub by Marilou Bio but it didn't have the greatest smell and also had alcohol at the end of the ingredients list.
I decided that I did not want to repurchase it so I browsed on to look for an alternative as every drug store body scrub seemed to have SLS or some sort of paraben.

I bought this on offer for £3.00 but I think it's usually £4.00
When I first tried it I thought, oh my goodness this is actually sugar!!! The stuff that you buy from the grocery store!!! I pondered for a while thinking how I could make a home-made sugar scrub and if it would be cheaper but then I remembered that this one has almond oil and other oils that would be to much trouble for me to get a hold of and mix together. Besides, I don't have the time or patients to do home-made things,…

This little piggy went to the drug store....

.......and came all the way home with waaay too much stuff!!
As you read this post you will gradually realise how much of a greedy little piggy I can be, unfortunately I'm a common breed of girl who likes pretty things, therefore I can't help it, until my bank balance hits zero :( but that won't stop me from posting as you will see at the end of this post :D.

Ethics bag, boots £1.99, choice from three designs of three different girls

This is my favourite side of the bag which makes it so much more stylish than those other eco bags that have a corny saying on the front or some sort of company advertisement.

I spent quite a bit of time in superdrug debating which colour I should have of the sanitary towel case that comes free with a pack bodyform sanitary towels. In the end I purchased three so I could have all three designs. One for each handbag I guess??

This was desperately needed otherwise I would have to spend the rest of my days using my not so sterile fingers to sque…