Conditioners of late

Over the past month or so I have managed to try a few more conditioners on my quest to build a CG repertoire of hair products.

So in chronological order....

Herbal essences Totally twisted and dazzling shine conditioner. Totally twisted is the USA version of tousle me softly here in the UK but our UK formula seems to have a non CG ingredient. I bought the totally twisted bottle in Discount UK and as you can see it had to be imported from Belgium. I've tried every type of CG herbal essences conditioner and have found them useless during the heatwave. The only thing they seem to do well is make my hair smell nice. In the past I have watered them down to create a leave-in spray which worked well and gave me reliable results. I decided I didn't want to waste something that was CG so I used the conditioner as a leave in straight from the bottle. My little sisters always used to rave about leaving regular conditioner in their hair after washing but I was never keen on the idea. Now I wish I'd listened too them sooner because it works better than the current Kanechom styler I've been using which does almost nothing to control frizz or define my curls.

Herbal Essences in general are great for detangling because all the conditioners have a lot of slip. Sometimes I struggle to work thick conditioners through my hair so maybe detangling under the shower head with herbal essences first then rinsing would be a good idea before going straight into the deep conditioning step???

This surprised me as I never used to like Pantene Pro-V. in the past I thought that their conditioners felt cheap but were still pricey to buy. I guess they've changed over the years or I'm just more aware of how conditioners work. This one felt slightly thicker than the herbal essences but still had enough slip for de-tangling. If I had to choose a multi-purpose conditioner for co-washing, detangling, deep conditioning, and leave-in, I think Pantene Pro-V would be my first choice, however I am yet to try it as a leave-in conditioner.

And finally, the Naked gentle conditioner for a sensitive scalp. I don't have sensitive skin but my little sister does so I thought that it would be a good idea to try this out with her in mind. The conditioner it'self is extremely thick and I actually found it slightly challenging to work through my hair and into my scalp. I can't say whether it was any good at conditioning or not but my hair seemed less frizzy after towel drying. I only have one huge problem with this conditioner which seems to be a common issue with a lot of Naked care products. 


It wasn't god damn awful but it certainly wasn't pleasant. I know that these products are all natural and organic but I refuse to walk around with hair that smells like dirt or wash my hair with something that smells like burnt dirt, no matter how good the product is. Therefore, it is crossed off my list of CG conditioners, 

you are the weakest smelliest link conditioner goodbye.


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