Flat-Ironing my hair with new products

I actually straightened my hair weeks ago but haven't found the time or the motivation to do a post about it.  It's such a long process and once you leave something for a while it's difficult to get back to it.

But here I am determined to get this done even if I have to power through with just bullet points, but no doubt I find a way to ramble on about something.

First I detangled in the shower with my shower comb and trusty tangle teezer. I would have preferred to do this over the bathtub using the shower head to save the hassle of getting wet and having to moisturise afterwards.

I then shampooed and deep conditioned with the Naked Smooth and silky range. The shampoo smells gorgeous but I'm not too keen on the conditioner. It's not as thick as the other Naked conditioner's I've tried but it was decent enough compared to the herbal essences conditioners which don't do anything for me when the shower cap is on.

When I deep conditioned I put my hair in a shower cap and put a turbie towel over it. These two together keep all the heat, moisture, and humidity in. This helps to open the pores in the hair and lets the goodness sink in. I deep conditioned for 2 hours and then rinsed my hair with cold water to close the pores and seal it all in.

After I rinsed my hair I squeezed all the excess water out and gently dried it by scrunching my hair upside down with a microfibre towel (the purple thing underneath my shower cap above). After that I sprayed some of the TreSemme salon sleek spray with argan oil on my hair in sections. I think I was pressed for time so I used the heat protector straight away then left it in under a shower cap for an hour. But ideally I would have let each soak in for an hour seperately.

I have used the argan spray before and it makes my hair so smooth and shiny. The Tresemme heat protection spray I had to order from the US because the UK version has Phenoxyethanol which is so annoying but the US version smells so fruity and lovely I don't mind paying £10 for it being as though I won't be using it very often.

It's been weeks since I flat-ironed my hair and I can't see any heat damaged so I guess it has done its job.

I blow dried my hair as straight as I could using the Tressemme hot air volume styler. I did a bit of research about these hot air stylers before and this seemed to be the best one. It's ceramic and also has that ion air feature. There are three settings that go from cool to hot but the speed increases with the heat so you can't control it separately which is the only downside. I used the cool shot setting to dry my hair but I think I could have got straighter hair with a hotter setting however I didn't want to heat damage my hair any more in one day. In my opinion the cool shot setting should be called the lukewarm setting and I would like the lead to be longer. Other than those three downfalls this tool is great because I don't have to bother with a hair brush and strain my arm trying to angle the hair dryer. It also gets to the roots much better, I've used an older, rustier hot air styler and was amazed with how easy it was to use and because this one is more modern (and pink!!!) I am totally in love with it.

I straightened my hair with the babyliss pro advanced ceramic styler straighteners. 
They're ceramic, 
round - so good for curling, 
can control the temperature settings really well,
and they're pink!!! <3

The lead is also very very long :)

Here's my set up with some section clips from superdrug/claire's accessories which are the best I've come across. The heat proof mat came with the straighteners. I like to chase the comb down my hair with the flat-iron so my hair is as straight as possible. I used it at 210 degrees Celsius and it took about 3 passes per section of hair.

To trim my hair I used the crea clips. If I'm careful enough I can use them to hold my hair in place and bring it forward to trim. This makes it so much easier to trim my hair evenly and lets me see what I'm doing.

Sometimes it's difficult to get to my roots and baby hairs with a full size flat-iron so these mini ones were perfect for getting them straight. They're also good for touch ups in the morning and when travelling. These ones cost about £15 from amazon and have an auto-sense control that keeps them at 210 degrees Celsius. I could have had some mini babyliss straighteners but I didn't know If I could control the temperature with more than just an on/off button.

When I'm completely done styling I spray some of this on my hair, It looks greasy at first but sinks in after half an hour and helps with frizz.What I love about this spray is that it isn't sticky like raw cold pressed oils and smells so much better than virgin coconut oil.

 I really don't straighten my hair often so I only do it when my hair needs some desperate trimming. It was somewhat upsetting because my hair had grown soooo much but it was uneven with thin, wispy and dead ends that hat to be cut off so my hair is barely any much longer now. I would have postponed this had my ends not been so bad, I blame the heatwave (pulls grumpy face).

I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe found something useful.

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