My first sugar scrub

Usually I use something in the form of a stone pumice to exfoliate my skin which is perfect for bath time but not so easy to use balancing on one leg in the shower. I was previously using a body scrub by Marilou Bio but it didn't have the greatest smell and also had alcohol at the end of the ingredients list.

I decided that I did not want to repurchase it so I browsed on to look for an alternative as every drug store body scrub seemed to have SLS or some sort of paraben.

I bought this on offer for £3.00 but I think it's usually £4.00

When I first tried it I thought, oh my goodness this is actually sugar!!! The stuff that you buy from the grocery store!!! I pondered for a while thinking how I could make a home-made sugar scrub and if it would be cheaper but then I remembered that this one has almond oil and other oils that would be to much trouble for me to get a hold of and mix together. Besides, I don't have the time or patients to do home-made things, I prefer to just buy it ready made in a pretty bottle or tube.

This sugar scrub smells lovely compared to the last one which is probably because pomegranate is my favourite scent. It isn't any better or worse at exfoliating my skin but when I get out of the shower my skin isn't dry at all. I was also surprised to feel the sugar to dissolve as I scrubbed it into my skin, but I guess that's how we make tea so I should have expected it.

Although using a stone pumice exfoliates better than any body scrub I feel that using a body scrub is much more gentle and more convenient to use in the shower. Its easier to us my hands to get into all the nooks and crannies that are a bit awkward to used with a rectangular rock.

I absolutely love this sugar scrub and the fact that pomegranate is my favourite scent makes it even better. The one I was using before lasted me quite a while, definitely over 2 months but this tube is even bigger so it should last me even longer. Will definitely be buying again even if it is £4.


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