Sleek foundation tester kits

Crème to powder foundation tester kit (left hand side) and  the skin revive liquid foundation tester kit (bottom right). Shades go from light to dark from left to right on both tester kits.

I bought both from amazon but you can order them directly from the sleek website for £2.99 each. I ordered both kits in the light range however there is a light/fair tester kit for the skin revive foundation. There really isn't much choice for lighter skin tones with sleek colours however there's so much for medium-dark skin tones.

I have talked about the crème to powder test kit before in an earlier post but I thought I'd give it a more thorough review. It basically gives a bit of coverage but I still find it difficult to cover red spots and my under dark eye circles, I think a proper concealer is needed to give enough coverage in those areas. It does make my skin look so much better and using a mix of the right colours I can get a reasonably natural finish with it. Both foundations are quite light however the crème to powder foundation gives more coverage. On both kit's I'm torn between the colours sand and calico. Sand suites my skin tone perfectly but can look too pale in certain places, especially when I add powder to finish. Calico gives me a lovely sun kissed tan that looks very natural but is too orange compared to my pasty neck and décolletage.

I like to use the crème to powder foundation as a concealer so when I use the skin revive foundation on top of it it seems flake off by the end of the day. this does not occur on places where I haven't applied the crème to powder foundation so I'm guessing that the two don't like to be mixed together. I am yet to try the skin revive foundation on its own without using the crème to powder as concealer. I also haven't tried the crème to powder foundation on my entire face. 

The skin revive foundation lasts much longer than the crème to powder which has somehow disappeared from my face by the end of the day. However the crème foundation is better for oily skin than the skin revive foundation and gives more coverage with a less shiny finish. Both foundations are easy to apply and spread/blend in, which is great compared to the Rimmel Stay Matte foundation which is so thick and difficult spread with a brush.

I may give an update when I finally try these again but so far I am pleased with the fact that they suite my skin tone nicely and aren't difficult to work with. I've struggled for over a year trying to find the right shade for my skin and have been trying the colours "sand" or "beige" from multiple high-street brands. Sand usually looks okay on me but I guess it's the sand from sleek that looks the best. My next mission is to find a concealer and powder that is the right colour for me. This will prove to be an even more difficult task since these have even fewer options of colour, but the shades from sleek seems to look more promising. I currently have the darkest shade in the stay Matte powder by Rimmel and it's still too light for me.


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