This little piggy went to the drug store....

.......and came all the way home with waaay too much stuff!!

As you read this post you will gradually realise how much of a greedy little piggy I can be, unfortunately I'm a common breed of girl who likes pretty things, therefore I can't help it, until my bank balance hits zero :( but that won't stop me from posting as you will see at the end of this post :D.

Ethics bag, boots £1.99, choice from three designs of three different girls

This is my favourite side of the bag which makes it so much more stylish than those other eco bags that have a corny saying on the front or some sort of company advertisement.

I spent quite a bit of time in superdrug debating which colour I should have of the sanitary towel case that comes free with a pack bodyform sanitary towels. In the end I purchased three so I could have all three designs. One for each handbag I guess??

This was desperately needed otherwise I would have to spend the rest of my days using my not so sterile fingers to squeeze my spots and pores. This tool is a much safer, cleaner, and less painful way to get some of the gunk out of clogged pores. I've already used It once and think it is much easier and less painful than using my own hands. This is now part of my weekly facial session and I make sure to rub some of my witch naturally clear blemish gel onto the tool before using it. The gel is pretty much and alcohol gel with a bit of with hazel so I use it like an antiseptic before and after using the tool. I bought this from Boots for £10 and I know that picking at spots isn't the best idea but this is the most effective and quickest way I can un-clog my pores.

I know what your thinking, there's a heatwave going on in the UK and she's buying a jacket!!
I'm actually hoping to save this for the autumn months when it's colder. I want to start jogging and so far I'm not doing a great job of it. I haven't ran outside since I was in secondary school but it's turning out my last resort since I have no space/privacy to do any dancing/yoga/wii fit like I used to. But before I go jogging I feel like I need to have the right kit so the flab I've managed to put on isn't jiggling about in a pair of flimsy leggings from Primark. This jacket probably isn't thick enough for the winter but it is very figure-hugging and was only £7 from Peacocks. They also have the same one in black

I'm hoping that with a nude tank top underneath this will be suitable for work. I really want to cover up my arms and keep them protected from the sun, but without overheating. What I really like is that the flowy see-through material at the bottom which adds a bit more class and elegance. A bit pricey for £14.99 from Tk Maxx but it's what I'd expect for something as pretty as this.

What you are seeing now are not recent purchases but products I have probably bought well over a month ago and have stashed away in a special box full of hair products. This particular line up is what I'll be using the next time I flat iron my hair. I scheduled to do this a month ago but keep pushing it back and now the weather is far too hot to put any extra heat on my hair so it may have to wait until September.

In chronological order, these are the conditioners I will be trying out in the future so if you've been wondering what hair products I'll be reviewing for the next few months then ponder no more.

I think I have enough conditioner to last me through the rest of the year because this isn't even all of it.

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