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Bits & Bobs

I thought I'd given up on BB creams a year ago when I decided that they were useless on my oily skin. But ever since I have struggled with foundations, concealers and powders in an attempt to hide my blemishes and grease-ball face. Last week I decided that was it!!! I'd had enough, and was going to do a little more research to find the right all-in one BB cream. Since I first tried them there are now many more BB creams on the market from almost every brand possible. I made sure to look at plenty of swatches and reviews to find the right colour so that I wouldn't have spend too much time in the drugstore.

Maybelline pure dream BB cream for oily skin. £6.99
It is currently on offer in superdrug at 2 for £10 on selected Maybelline make-up so me and my friend both had one which saved a few quid. There are only 2 shades available for the oily skin version, Light and Medium which doesn't give you much choice. We both spent a good deal of time swatching and trying different…

Timotei organic health and shine conditioner

In my last post I mentioned a few things about the Timotei organic health and nourishment conditioner which left me feeling very disappointed. I hoped this health and shine conditioner from the same brand would do a little better but apart from smelling nicer my opinions for this one are no different.

It does say on the back of both tubes that my hair will not be as silky as usual, but if after one use of this conditioner and the last one my hair felt so rough that it was more difficult to de-tangle and apply any product. To me that is not a good sign. It also says on the back of the tube that I would be happy with the results but I am sure as hell not happy with the increase of split ends and lack of that smooth silky feeling in my hair. Heck, my hair has actually lost it's shine after using these organic conditioners by Timotei. I am utterly disgusted that I paid £5 for both the shampoo and conditioner (=£2.50 each) and my hair is now worse despite them being natural products. 

Findings of a product Junkie

This is what happens when I buy lot's of stuff but have no time or motivation to make a blog post. The result is a large pile and long list of stuff for me to natter on about.
enjoy........ :)

This is great for removing make-up but as a toner It's too early to tell. I tried it on my eyes and it all came off with one sweep except for my stubborn gel eyeliner and a teeny bit of mascara. It doesn't sting my eyes but it does feel a little bit slimy. Just a few drops is way more than enough because it spreads really far but when it's dried my skin feels a little bit tight. I spotted this because many bloggers and vloggers have gone on about the bioderma miscelle water which does the same thing but is more expensive. This L'oreal equivalent was £3 in ASDA. I'm trying to stay away from anything with alcohol since it dries my skin out and would make the oily skin problem even worse in the long term. Finding a toner that doesn't contain alcohol is almost impossible…