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I thought I'd given up on BB creams a year ago when I decided that they were useless on my oily skin. But ever since I have struggled with foundations, concealers and powders in an attempt to hide my blemishes and grease-ball face. Last week I decided that was it!!! I'd had enough, and was going to do a little more research to find the right all-in one BB cream. Since I first tried them there are now many more BB creams on the market from almost every brand possible. I made sure to look at plenty of swatches and reviews to find the right colour so that I wouldn't have spend too much time in the drugstore.

Maybelline pure dream BB cream for oily skin. £6.99

It is currently on offer in superdrug at 2 for £10 on selected Maybelline make-up so me and my friend both had one which saved a few quid. There are only 2 shades available for the oily skin version, Light and Medium which doesn't give you much choice. We both spent a good deal of time swatching and trying different creams from a few brands including Rimmel and Superdrug. 

Almost all of the BB creams were too greasy and din't sink into the skin at all resulting in a shiny face. Finding the right colour was also difficult. I'm mixed raced and my freind is Asian so we both needed something that was for medium/yellow toned skin. This BB cream was as close as we could get to our skin tones and it was also the only one that didn't look greasy when applied. It sinks in very quickly and gives amazing coverage. I don't even feel the need for concealer when I'm wearing this because it covers my blemishes so well. It does look a little pale on me but I'm hoping that it will be suitable for these colder months that are fast approaching. For summer I will have to find something different that suites my skin when it's more tanned. 

I am not happy about the fact that this BB cream contains dimethicone and phenoxyethanol, however I am desperate for some coverage so I am willing to let it slide for now. So far I am amazed with how well it works. It isn't very moisturising but it gives such a natural, non-shiny finish with as much coverage as a light foundation if not more. When I applied powder on my face it looked far too pale and far too matte, it was quite obvious that I was wearing powder so it is definitely not needed until later in the day when the shine comes poking through. Usually it only takes two hours for my face look shiny but with this BB cream I felt that my face lasted much longer. It does say on the back of the tube that it can be used with or without a moisturiser however I feel that a moisturiser is needed underneath to hydrate my skin first and then apply the BB cream on top. Doing this might also keep the dimethincone off my skin for a while.

I can't say how well it works in terms of keeping my skin clear as it claims to have 2% salicylic acid, but I may give an update in a month or so to see how my skin fairs.

Rimmel London clear complexion clarifying powder £3.99

I haven't tried it out properly yet but so far it gives an instant, very matte finish. It looks a little pale when first applied however I will have to try it again to see how it fairs throughout the day because some powder get more orange the longer you leave them on. I bought this because it is free from parabens, silicones and also claims to help with blemish prone skin. Again, I will probably give an update on this.

I finally bought it!!! The Nivea pearly shine lip balm in addition to the soft rose lip balm. neither of them surpass the blistex lip brilliance but they are free from 'those' ingredients that I don't like. The pearly shine lip balm gives a shimmery pink look but the soft rose has barely any pigment at all and does nothing but give a little glow. It contains SPF 15 which is why I was after it in the first place. Neither of them are as moisturising as the blistex lip brilliance which left my lips feeling hydrated for at least 24 hours after one application. Both lip balms seem to be devoid of moisture and look/ feel greasy so I probably won't buy them again.

£1.50 in Primark, there were plenty of bags with other letters but my name begin's with an A so of course I chose this one. I thought it would be great to use in the summer for picnics or carrying everything I need for a day of uni lectures and what not. Probably not suitable for colder months in case it rains and it won't keep my books/gadgets warm and dry.

I have already done a review on this conditioner but look, something's different!!

They've made the tube bigger!!!

For the same price of £1 you get 250ml of a great conditioner XD.

I couldn't believe it when I saw this sitting on the shelf in Discount UK, but there it was. Even though I've reviewed it before and have about six bottles of conditioner at home I just had to buy this to show my sisters. I'm glad I tried it again because it's not just the bottle that's changed. The actual conditioner feels much more watery than the last time I used it. I don't know whether this is a cheap way for the brand to make more money, or an improvement in the composition of the formula. The ingredients are exactly the same and it still gives good results; my hair feels soft, smooth and more manageable. This conditioner also seems to have repaired some of the damage caused by the organic timotei conditioners I had previously tried. The watery consistency actually gives the conditioner much more slip which is ace for de-tangling and co-washing, but at the expense of losing it's creamy nourishing properties I don't think I'm happy with this change. I suppose I can now try it as a leave-in-conditioner which would be a good idea since it has all those lovely oils that would be a shame to wash out all the time. It still gives me good results and makes my hair look the best its ever been straight after washing with no added product. Besides, Who can complain when it's just £1

I never thought I would buy one of these until I saw someone else do a post about how they get their smoothest legs possible and included this in the post. I barely shave my legs at all because it's a hassle to keep on top of it. Epilating keeps my legs smoother for much longer, however I thought I would give this a go and found a bottle in home bargains. There are other scents and gels specifically for sensitive skin but I haven't really seen them around.

I absolutely love this because it prevents my skin from feeling dry after shaving and make that blades glide much more smoothly. I use a Wilkinson Sword Quatro blade men's razor because the head is replaceable and it swivels so it's more flexible. This means you don't have to put in any effort when going around those awkward curves around your ankles and knees. Also having 4 blades makes the process much smoother and quicker. 

I can manage without a shave gel and make do with shower gel and water but this gel is very foamy, instead of just bubbly, so it makes the razor glide much more easily without pulling/tugging on my skin, preventing cuts and scratches. As long as I have some of this near by I will always use it so I think it's safe to say it is now an essential for me, especially for areas where the skin is quite delicate.

Tea tree essential oil roller ball. £5.40 from

It's a blend of oils using jojoba oil as a base and should help to fight blemishes and redness. The roller ball makes it very handy and easy to use however the oil blend does not sink into the skin at all, it just sits there which can be a nuisance to stare at so it is totally not suitable for wearing out in public. I have to say the packaging is nice and the product itself works okay. After one use on a red, coconut sized bump on my head the oil blend had reduced it to about half it's size over night and continued to do it's job on the next application. As for those smaller pimples well those are tougher to get rid of because they're not actually inflamed. It's safe to say that it does it's job but it's so oily and smells putrid. The smell fades after a 2 hours or so but it's far too unpleasant for me to bare on a regular bases. I am more than happy to go back to my acnaphase cream which also does a good enough job.

Skin Blossom Nourishing face moisturiser for oily/normal/sensitive skin £7.25 from

Whoever knew that oily skin could be such a darn problem because anything I try is too greasy and doesn't help to control shine. This moisturiser is almost perfect because it's light, absorbs quickly, leaves absolutely no shine at all, and still hydrates my skin. Jojoba oil is one of the first ingredients along with shea butter and although it's organic with a typical green scent it's not unpleasant. It feels like I've found 'the one' and I am very happy with this moisturiser and not only that it also comes in a cute bottle. You get 50ml in this big bottle which is very, very deceiving and a waste of packaging in my opinion because it has a pump that starts a third up from the bottom of the bottle. I also feel that pumps aren't very efficient at getting those last bits of product left behind and therefore leave a lot of waste. It is however, very easy to control how much you pump out so I guess that makes it more convenient.

I hope you enjoyed reading my ramblings and maybe found some of this post useful!


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