Timotei organic health and shine conditioner

In my last post I mentioned a few things about the Timotei organic health and nourishment conditioner which left me feeling very disappointed. I hoped this health and shine conditioner from the same brand would do a little better but apart from smelling nicer my opinions for this one are no different.

It does say on the back of both tubes that my hair will not be as silky as usual, but if after one use of this conditioner and the last one my hair felt so rough that it was more difficult to de-tangle and apply any product. To me that is not a good sign. It also says on the back of the tube that I would be happy with the results but I am sure as hell not happy with the increase of split ends and lack of that smooth silky feeling in my hair. Heck, my hair has actually lost it's shine after using these organic conditioners by Timotei. I am utterly disgusted that I paid £5 for both the shampoo and conditioner (=£2.50 each) and my hair is now worse despite them being natural products. 

The consistency of this conditioner was not as thick as the last one and was even thinner than the Herbal Essences conditioners. Yet it still had no slip at all!! It's no where near ideal for de-tangling or deep conditioning. I haven't tried it as a leave-in but if  it doesn't have any slip then I don't see the point in bothering with it. this is the first conditioner I have ever tried in my entire life that has made my hair worse off and it makes me so annoyed that I could have used cheaper argan oil conditioner for £1 that is the best I've ever tried. 

I would give this conditioner and the other one by Timotei -1 and -2 out of five because of how damaged my hair is now. This one only has an extra point because of the refreshing smell which could have been the green tea extract. I read online that green tea is supposed to have a few benefits for hair which made me excited to use this conditioner. 

I haven't tried the health and shine shampoo because I don't use shampoo very often but I had no problems with the health and nourishment one other than the smell. It cleaned my hair and didn't strip the hell out of it however, I have noticed that my scalp is a little more itchy and also little dandruff around my hairline that I haven't had for months maybe a year. 

I would like to put the poor results down to these Timotei conditioners being badly formulated but it could just be that they are not suitable for curly hair. 

To anyone with wave, curls or kinks, I would advise that you stay far away from these conditioners and save you pennies. £2.50 is a lot for 150ml of conditioner that doesn't do any good. They are not worth the bother and you're better off buying that £1 argan oil conditioner in discount UK or poundland.

Hope this was helpful to anyone thinking of buying this.


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