New Skincare products and an update!

Mizu body lotion (left), but I'll be starting with the face scrub (right).............

It may surprise you that I didn't actually use this on my face. I used it on my body as a body scrub. This is because I discovered online that face scrubs actually cause the skin to produce more oil due to the harsh abrasion. After finding this out I had no idea what to do with my current facial scrub until my body scrub had run out. I thought why not?? and used it as a replacement. Ever since I have decided to use face scrubs on my body If I cannot be bothered the order my favourite one online. As long as they are free from silicones and sulphates etc. then they should be fine. 

I have noticed though that compared to a proper body scrub they are not as effective at removing dead skin cells or reducing those shaving bumps. However for people with oh-so-sensitive skin, face scrubs might be a more gentle, and possibly cheaper alternative to body scrubs. This face scrub was only 99p in Discount UK and although it's not as effective, it's a much cheaper alternative to my £3 pomegranate sugar-scrub. Also the tea tree scent is so refreshing, perfect for morning showers!!!

I first spotted my dad with a tube of this stuff and when I borrowed it to moisturise my hands, I discovered it smelled like candy!!! Love Hearts in particular!!! With Jojoba oil and Argan oil and a cheap price in Home Bargains, I thought I was getting a good deal with this moisturiser but I was sadly disappointed. It was waxy, tacky, and difficult to spread making my after shower routine even longer than I'd like, especially when I'm tired. I will be going straight back to my previous body moisturiser as soon as I'm done with this one. As a body lotion it's far too sticky, but as a hand cream it's actually pretty good and doesn't leave me with that greasy butter fingers feeling. 

In my last post I think I mentioned that I might give an update on these products to see how they were working for me later on. It's been three weeks now and together they are doing an even better job than what I Initially remember!!! The Organic moisturiser still gives me the same results, only difference is that the writing has rubbed off the tube which is slightly annoying but I think I'll live. The BB cream can be worn on it's own but I like to apply the organic face cream as a moisturising base first. Once that has been absorbed I will then apply the BB cream and powder over it.

I commute to my uni to get to my lectures every day and by the time I've caught a bus, and a train, and walked a mile to get on campus I'm a sweaty, heaving, greasy-faced mess. But with these two product I can last until lunch time by which only my T-zone needs blotting and powdering. I could be wrong and maybe it's the colder weather that is stopping my face from getting oily. However, after walking up and down two sets of stairs to get to a train platform I can already feel the oil breaking out (a sign that I'm seriously unfit), but when consciously I look in the mirror, all I see is a pale matte face. These products definitely work well for oily skin!!!

I also expressed my worry that the BB cream would be too light for my skin tone but no thanks to the winter weather making me pale and pasty, it's no longer so obvious when I'm wearing it.

May have an autumn winter haul post coming up and some more hair products, but not for a week or so.

hope you enjoyed reading :) 


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