Poundland Findings

I'm probably a year late on the band wagon with these products but I've only just recently noticed them. I guess this is why packaging is really important, especially to magpies like myself. Considering they are all £1 they look pretty good and they smell amazing too! They are all from the same brand Mellor & Russell.

You get 150ml of this hair mask, which for a person with thick hair is not a lot. I managed to get three uses out of this mask but probably could have got four. On the first try I followed the instructions and towel dried my hair before applying it, however this was not a good idea as I had used almost half the tube just to cover my hair evenly. I then  read online that deep condition with towel dried hair helps the hair absorb more moisture, however I saw no improvement and felt that my hair was not conditioned properly. 

I carried on using it the way I usually do by squeezing out as much excess water as possible and then applying the mask. This is actually a very good, moisturising hair mask and also purse friendly. Ever since using this my hair is easy to de-tangle after washing and is less frizzy.

I have not used this conditioner for co-washing or deep-conditioning because I already had the hair mask for that purpose, and since this conditioner is of a thinner consistency I decided to try it as a leave-in. On its own it's nothing special and doesn't really define my curls or moisturise them. However when I incorporated it into the LOC method as a cream after applying oil on my hair it worked really well. Although I have to be sure to cover my hair thoroughly in order to get shiny, moisturised and cute little spirals.

Unlike the Hair Mask and Conditioner this hand cream contains Macadamia oil instead of Argan oil which is still amazing for a £1 hand cream. It isn't greasy or slippery and is absorbed really quickly, which is perfect for when I'm on the go and want to use touch screen devices like my iPhone.  The smell is similar to the Conditioner and Hair Maks but is a bit like an old perfume. It is not the most moisturising hand cream I've ever used but for £1 its okay and doesn't give me butter fingers every time I use it.

Over all these are some good bargain products that smell great and perform well despite the low price. The Mellor & Russell brand also do other products like body lotions, washes and a heat protection cream for people who use heat appliances on their hair. For someone who is on a tight budget these products could all be bought for under £10 and easily make a lovely big bundle of treats as a Christmas gift!! :)


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