Trying the LOC method with new Hair products

If you haven't heard about the LOC method, it's basically a method by which curlies apply their products in a particular order

L .......Leave-in conditioner 

O ......................................Oil

C .................................cream

This method of layering products is supposed to help retain moisture in the hair and protect it from the elements like the cold winter weather that is fast approaching here in the UK. This is not really a method that can be used every day because of product build-up, but is something that can be done after washing to retain all that moisture gained from deep conditioning. Apparently this method works best for the very kinky curly type 4 hair patterns and possibly type 3.

I am type 3 with thick/fine hair and as far as I can tell this method protects my hair but I have had other issues. I have noticed that after applying the oil my hair is no longer dripping or wet at all an by the time I've finished applying all the products my hair begins to dry quicker than usual which is great for the winter because nobody wants to walk outside with cold wet hair. But I can't help but doubt that this is helping my hair moisture wise.

First I co-wash and deep condition. If it's the weekend I will use a sulphate free shampoo. I found the Gum Hair brand in Home Bargains and was pleased to see a salon quality brand at such an affordable price. This double cream conditioner seems slippery at first but the more I smooth it into my hair the thicker it gets. It is definitely too thick to be used as a leave in but has enough slip for co-washing. The walnut smell is absolutely heavenly and I have had no problems with the health of my hair since using this conditioner. I know a conditioner hasn't worked well because my hair becomes less manageable after using it.

To complete the L part of the LOC method a water based leave in conditioner needs to be applied. After washing and towel drying I spray some diluted conditioner onto my hair as the Leave-in part of my LOC routine. I also use ASDA's little Angels leave-in spray which is lighter than diluted conditioner. My only aim with this part of the method is to keep my hair damp so it doesn't dry out. It's important not to over-wet the hair because the next part involves applying oil which will not work on wet hair.

I am currently using 100% pure argan oil which I bought off eBay for around £10-12. It doesn't wreak the way most natural oils do but still has the same smell once applied. The smell is so faint though that I barely notice it. I got the 100ml bottle which comes with a very handy pump. A little should go a long way but I have thick curly hair so I need a considerable amount to evenly apply the oil evenly throughout my hair. A few pumps should be enough for one section but I need several. I am already a third way through my bottle after two about three weeks but I still think it's worth the money. This oil is not thick and heavy like catsor oil, but it isn't watery like coconut oil either. It's just the right consistency  and is easy to apply and smooth down the hair.

After deciding to try out the LOC method I realised that I didn't have a cream of any sort and this was the only thing I could find that was natural/CG freindly and available in the UK for a decent price. I should have known better that this wouldn't work in these colder months because it contained glycerine but I went ahead with it anyway. I tried this on it's own and with the LOC method and both times I was disappointed. It was sticky, tacky and actually dried out my hair on by day two. This stuff is thick and should give good hold but it made my hair crunchy and a bit limp. B

ecause of the glycerine problem I don't think it's fair to leave this as my final review. I'm sure you will see plenty other reviews that say this cream is best used for twist outs and the like, but I think I will have to try this again in the spring when the weather is warmer. It is however very good for smoothing down frizz when you're trying to pull your hair back and want to keep your bangs/fly-aways down.

C for Cream however I have struggled to find a decent cream so I am using conditioner instead which works perfectly fine for me and still begins with a C :)

I have been using Pantene pro-V nature fusion which doesn't seem to have many good reviews but I LOVE IT!!! I also dilute this for my water based leave-in. This big bottle can be found in home bargains and you get more for your money compared to the smaller bottle that's in ASDA or any other store.

 I have noticed that since using the LOC method my hair has become more difficult to detangle and my second day hair does not look as presentable as it used to. Third day hair is almost a ratchet mess so I don't even bother with it. This may mean religiously co-washing every other day but I can feel that my hair is better protected which is mostly thanks to the oil. Even after a few days my hands will come away slightly greasy if I braid my bangs which means the oil is still there, keeping my hair protected. 

Usually my hair is soft and bouncy and blows in the wind but using the LOC method seems to weigh my curls down and If I'm not careful they can look limp and lifeless. I think it's safe to say that the LOC method does not do anything to define or activate my curls but simply preserves my hair against the elements. If I apply the products carefully I can still make my curls look nice. The real challenge will be to see how it can protect my hair against the proper winter weather which is yet to come. Until then I will continue with this method to see how well it works in the worst weather. This I will judge based on the amount of damage I have when winter is over, which by the way is usually a lot!!


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