19 Nov 2013

I LoveThe LOC Method and My New Face Cream

Apparently I've lost my knack for rambling and nattering so hopefully this post will be short and sweet......

.......or not :)

This is the Cloud Nine Day cream by a brand called Mother Earth.

I bought this off beauty naturals for £12.95 which, when I think about it, is very pricey for such a small jar. However it is 100% natural and one of the most natural products I've ever used. There is also a matching night cream however the ingredients are practically the same so I didn't see the point in bothering. The same goes for the raindrops and roses cream from this brand which I am yet to try. This face cream contains orange blossom extract however the orange scent isn't very strong. My sister and mother both think it smells like butter and it does actually look and feel like butter. My mom even had a go at tasting it which I DO NOT recommend!! Here are the ingredients:

shea butter, almond oil (prunus dulcis), carrot oil (daucus carota), elderflowers (sambucus nigra), yarrow (achillea millefolia), neroli (citrus aurantium) & tangerine (citrus reticulata) essential oils, borax, grapefruit seed extract, zinc oxide. Hand made in the Lake District from the highest quality natural ingredients

I could tell by the ingredients and the buttery feel of the cream that it would feel oily and most people say not to use oily moisturisers on oily skin but this has worked wonderfully for me. I do however like to blot with oil blotting sheets before applying my BB cream in the morning but having this cream underneath does not make my skin look any more or less greasy than usual throughout the day.

It even has natural sunscreen which amazing since it's so difficult to get sun protection without risky synthetic ingredients. It claims to make the skin look more radiant and it honestly does. If I skip a night without applying this to my face I can see the consequences when I wake up in the morning; visible pores and dull, dry, tired looking skin. This cream is thick and rich and it just feels so pampering to smooth it onto my skin. I'm surprised that something so thick and rich can be suitable for day and night-time use. This is by far my favorite moisturiser at the moment. 

Found this gem in home bargains at the same time I found the Gum Hair double cream conditioner.
I think it's £2.99 but I can't really remember. This conditioner is the Gum Hair super-rich conditioner with Moroccan Argan Oil. This conditioner is so DARN GOOD THICK and moisturising and I really wasn't expecting it to be so good. I'm glad there was a pump dispenser otherwise I would ave tried to apply too much at once. The pump only lets out a small bit of conditioner at a time and I use a maximum of 3 separate sets of 4 pumps to cover my hair. Considiering my hair is very thick 12 pumps isn't much. 

Just to put into context how thick this is, I tried to co-wash with this and getting this stuff to my scalp was impossible but after only being in my hair for a minute when i rinsed it out my hair was like silk. I actually think this conditioner might be a bit too moisturising as my hair has started to become overly stretchy when saturated with water. I may have to do a protein treatment soon if this carries on :D

If you ever try any of the gum hair products it's easy to see how they are salon quality and why they are so pricey, but knowing that I can get them for a fraction of retail price is just fantastic XD

Yup that's olive oil you're seeing, not special olive oil, just regular olive oil from my local co-operative. I don't know why I was so reluctant to use this on my hair. It was probably because of my fear of putting anything food related on my head unless it's come from the cosmetic aisle. I was running out of options with argan oil being so expensive and other commonly used oils difficult to come by, so this bottle came home with one day in a co-operative shopping bag ready to be tested. 

I have re-used the glass pump bottle that was originally storing my argan oil. There was no way I could use the olive oil straight from its big plastic bottle because knowing me it would go everywhere. This little glass bottle with the pump was much more convenient :)

Oil wise it does the job. It locks in moisture and helps maintain my curls. It does have that well known fruity smell but once its in my hair it doesn't leave any kind of horrid scent that I have experienced in the past with other oils. I have to say that the olive oil doesn't lock in moisture for as long as the argan oil does but it's cheaper and more convenient to buy. Over all I'm happy to use this as my regular oil and don't have any problems with it :)

Hope you enjoyed reading.


10 Nov 2013

Ouchless shower comb and Boots coconut oil

Now, I already 3 shower combs from superdrug and they all do a good job of detangling my hair without much pain. However what frustrates me about them is that after several uses the little painted balls at the of each tooth keep falling off. This results in the raggedy seams of comb being exposed which scrape at my scalp, and this feels slightly painful. So off I go to boots in search of a better shower comb and this was what I found

Goody Ouchless shower comb for £3.59

The teeth are closer together than the superdrug shower comb so I can actually detangle my hair much more thoroughly, however this comb isn't as Ouch-less as you may think. The tighter packed teeth require more patience when detangling so I really have to be more careful, otherwise I'll end up with more knots and tangles than what I started with. 

I wouldn't recommend this comb to anyone with textures tighter than 3b curls because you really have to use this comb on small sections of hair to detangle painlessly. This also makes the process more time consuming. It doesn't come in any other colours so I'm stuck with boring blue but it's still a decent shower comb. 

Whilst I was browsing in Boots I also came across this cute little jar of coconut body oil for £2.54 (100ml)

It isn't pure coconut oil because it contains other ingredients like Parfum, Benzyl Benzoate, Coumarin etc. However it smells much better than virgin coconut oil which usually has a rancid scent to it. This stuff works just the same as coconut oil being solid at room temperature but turning liquid when you rub it between your hands. It's greasy just like any other oil but absorbs after a while so it can also be used as a moisturiser, as long as you don't plan on using your hands for a minute or two.

I am yet to try this on my hair because it is winter at the moment but have used this oil to remove waterproof mascara and eyeliner. I do this by rubbing a tiny bit on my eyelashes and eyelids and then wiping it all off with a face cloth soaked with make up remover. Doing this is the best method I have found to remove eye make-up. I make sure to keep my eyes closed whilst doing this but it doesn't sting at all like other oils I have used on my eyes.

I like to think of this coconut oil as a cheaper alternative to the LUSH Ultrabalm which can also be used anywhere on the body. I also want to try using this oil on my face before bedtime as I have heard that coconut oil helps with acne. And I also want to try this on flat-ironed hair, at which point I will probably give another review after trying it out in a few more ways.


8 Nov 2013

Hair Creams and Bath Time Treats

This was not meant to happen. I was only supposed to buy everyone's Christmas presents in advanced but ended up buying a few things for myself!!! It's impossible to walk into a Lush store and buy just one item when everything smells and looks so scrumptious.

But never mind that, prepare yourself for way too many pics of the two bath bombs I tried. Warning!!! some photos are blurry.

If you can't read the label this is the Butterball Bath Ballistic. It claims to put moisture back into the skin which may have been lost during a hot bath. The butterball smells quite nice and it contains cocoa butter which is what gives it the moisturising properties. I have to say that after bathing with the butterball my skin wasn't as dry as usual but I still needed to use a body lotion afterwards.

It foams up quite a lot and has this brown tinge to it which I'm assuming is the cocoa butter. This may look dirty and off putting to some, but it fades away once you swirl it around.

Next is the Honey Bee Bath ballistic. This one is much larger than the butterball but doesn't really smell of anything special, it just smells like a regular bath bomb.

It took me a while to figure out that the yellow and grey stripes are supposed to resemble the black and yellow stripes on a bumblebee. Lush are so clever, I like this bath bomb even more now that it looks like a cute little honeybee. 

Pop it in and watch it fizz/buzz away!!!

The little honeybee moved so fast it was difficult to get clear picture but within seconds it transformed my bath water into orange squash. Or at least that's what I prefer compare it to.

I must admit it does look like a slightly off-putting bath of frothy wee but thinking of orange squash makes it seem much more appealing.

This is the crème hair-dress by a brand called Love my baby Naturals. I had high hopes for this product because the body moisturiser from this brand is really good. Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations so I was left slightly disappointed. I tried using it as a leave in product without the LOC method and my curls were defined until day 2. By then they were dry, frizzy, and poofy. 

I then tried it with the LOC method and applied it after smoothing oil onto my hair. This worked much better but by the time my hair was fully dried I noticed that my curls were slightly frizzy and not as defined as usual. The consistency of this cream is quite light and almost like a conditioner but it just isn't moisturising or defining at all. I seem to get better and almost perfect results with just a regular conditioner in the place of a cream so I guess it's quite obvious that any lightweight conditioner is my holy grail curl cream!!

The crème hair-dress may be available in those ethnic hair stores for £2.99 but they don't always stock them so I had to order mine online and pay for delivery. :(

Although this hair cream didn't work the way I wanted it to I have found that it works reasonably well on my edges and does a good job of smoothing back frizz when I want to bun my hair up or put it up in a pony tail. This has also been the case for any other hair creams I have tried in the past so they are never completely useless too me. :)

Hope you enjoyed reading!


4 Nov 2013

Organic World Moroccan Argan Oil conditioner

I found this conditioner in Discount UK for £2.99 however I did spot it in bodycare too and in TK Maxx for £4.99. Online it retails for £9.99 so I was very chuffed to know I bought it for a fraction of the price.

The ingredients in this conditioner are very simple and don't look like anything special from a normal every day conditioner however this one contains Argan oil which is why I bought it.

So first impressions......

Well I was disappointed to find out that it wasn't as thick as I thought it would be. It's smooth and creamy but still has a lot of slip so at least it's good for detangling and co-washing. After rinsing it out my hair is reasonably easy to comb through and after towel drying my curls are nicely defined and moisturised.
This conditioner is thicker and more moisturising than the herbal essences conditioners and even the Pantene pro-V range. It's too thick to be used as a leave-in, especially on fine hair. but it probably works best as a wash & go, detangling, co-washing conditioner.

Although this conditioner didn't live up to my expectations I would still recommend it for regular use. However, if your strands are really suffering then I don't think it would do anything special to help them, something thicker and more nourishing would be needed. For £2.99 you get 500ml so it's still good value for money. 3/5 stars from me :)