Hair Creams and Bath Time Treats

This was not meant to happen. I was only supposed to buy everyone's Christmas presents in advanced but ended up buying a few things for myself!!! It's impossible to walk into a Lush store and buy just one item when everything smells and looks so scrumptious.

But never mind that, prepare yourself for way too many pics of the two bath bombs I tried. Warning!!! some photos are blurry.

If you can't read the label this is the Butterball Bath Ballistic. It claims to put moisture back into the skin which may have been lost during a hot bath. The butterball smells quite nice and it contains cocoa butter which is what gives it the moisturising properties. I have to say that after bathing with the butterball my skin wasn't as dry as usual but I still needed to use a body lotion afterwards.

It foams up quite a lot and has this brown tinge to it which I'm assuming is the cocoa butter. This may look dirty and off putting to some, but it fades away once you swirl it around.

Next is the Honey Bee Bath ballistic. This one is much larger than the butterball but doesn't really smell of anything special, it just smells like a regular bath bomb.

It took me a while to figure out that the yellow and grey stripes are supposed to resemble the black and yellow stripes on a bumblebee. Lush are so clever, I like this bath bomb even more now that it looks like a cute little honeybee. 

Pop it in and watch it fizz/buzz away!!!

The little honeybee moved so fast it was difficult to get clear picture but within seconds it transformed my bath water into orange squash. Or at least that's what I prefer compare it to.

I must admit it does look like a slightly off-putting bath of frothy wee but thinking of orange squash makes it seem much more appealing.

This is the crème hair-dress by a brand called Love my baby Naturals. I had high hopes for this product because the body moisturiser from this brand is really good. Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations so I was left slightly disappointed. I tried using it as a leave in product without the LOC method and my curls were defined until day 2. By then they were dry, frizzy, and poofy. 

I then tried it with the LOC method and applied it after smoothing oil onto my hair. This worked much better but by the time my hair was fully dried I noticed that my curls were slightly frizzy and not as defined as usual. The consistency of this cream is quite light and almost like a conditioner but it just isn't moisturising or defining at all. I seem to get better and almost perfect results with just a regular conditioner in the place of a cream so I guess it's quite obvious that any lightweight conditioner is my holy grail curl cream!!

The crème hair-dress may be available in those ethnic hair stores for £2.99 but they don't always stock them so I had to order mine online and pay for delivery. :(

Although this hair cream didn't work the way I wanted it to I have found that it works reasonably well on my edges and does a good job of smoothing back frizz when I want to bun my hair up or put it up in a pony tail. This has also been the case for any other hair creams I have tried in the past so they are never completely useless too me. :)

Hope you enjoyed reading!


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