Ouchless shower comb and Boots coconut oil

Now, I already 3 shower combs from superdrug and they all do a good job of detangling my hair without much pain. However what frustrates me about them is that after several uses the little painted balls at the of each tooth keep falling off. This results in the raggedy seams of comb being exposed which scrape at my scalp, and this feels slightly painful. So off I go to boots in search of a better shower comb and this was what I found

Goody Ouchless shower comb for £3.59

The teeth are closer together than the superdrug shower comb so I can actually detangle my hair much more thoroughly, however this comb isn't as Ouch-less as you may think. The tighter packed teeth require more patience when detangling so I really have to be more careful, otherwise I'll end up with more knots and tangles than what I started with. 

I wouldn't recommend this comb to anyone with textures tighter than 3b curls because you really have to use this comb on small sections of hair to detangle painlessly. This also makes the process more time consuming. It doesn't come in any other colours so I'm stuck with boring blue but it's still a decent shower comb. 

Whilst I was browsing in Boots I also came across this cute little jar of coconut body oil for £2.54 (100ml)

It isn't pure coconut oil because it contains other ingredients like Parfum, Benzyl Benzoate, Coumarin etc. However it smells much better than virgin coconut oil which usually has a rancid scent to it. This stuff works just the same as coconut oil being solid at room temperature but turning liquid when you rub it between your hands. It's greasy just like any other oil but absorbs after a while so it can also be used as a moisturiser, as long as you don't plan on using your hands for a minute or two.

I am yet to try this on my hair because it is winter at the moment but have used this oil to remove waterproof mascara and eyeliner. I do this by rubbing a tiny bit on my eyelashes and eyelids and then wiping it all off with a face cloth soaked with make up remover. Doing this is the best method I have found to remove eye make-up. I make sure to keep my eyes closed whilst doing this but it doesn't sting at all like other oils I have used on my eyes.

I like to think of this coconut oil as a cheaper alternative to the LUSH Ultrabalm which can also be used anywhere on the body. I also want to try using this oil on my face before bedtime as I have heard that coconut oil helps with acne. And I also want to try this on flat-ironed hair, at which point I will probably give another review after trying it out in a few more ways.


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