Bits and bobs #2

Surely reusing a post title isn't a crime, its only a matter of time before I run out of ideas right???

Any who, say hello to my favourite face scrub, and yes it looks very similar to the body scrub I blogged about a while ago, in fact I'm pretty sure they are sisters born from the same brand with a similar price. The only difference is that the granules in this scrub are much finer so they are gentle enough to be used on the face. The smell is also very lovely and makes me feel like I'm waking up to summer, not the dreary, bitter, winter weather here in the UK. Of course I bought this from

This face gel is from the brand Napiers, It contains lots of lovely things like lavender and chamomile and is supposed to help with irritations, headaches, tension etc etc. I bought this because it seemed like the only spot treatment that was natural and alcohol free. I was hoping this would do something about the pimples popping up on my face and but luckily for me I haven't had that many to try it out on and I simply cannot be bothered to implement it in to my night time routine. From the few times that I have used it I can't say that it makes any dramatic difference to my spots but after committing the sin of squeezing them it does seem to calm them down. Also the lavender scent makes it quite pleasant to use. Once again I bought this from for around £6

Oh yeah!!! look whose saving the world environment with their green living powers!!!

After discovering my long-lost and pathetic, leaky, plastic flask was way too dirty and smelly to be used I decided to get myself a new one.....

I found this little treasure in T.K Maxx. It has a very secure lid that clips into place so it definitely doesn't leak. And the bottom has a rubbery base that acts as an attached coaster. This flask (or tumbler, as it says on the tag) is by a brand called Aladdin and cost £5.99. I absolutely love it because it's small, portable and doesn't leak in my bag XD. And I also don't have to waste money, or paper, feeding my hot-chocolate addiction through Greggs or Costa :)

So that's it, just a few things that I bought recently,

Hope you enjoyed reading!!!!

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