30 Jan 2014

January skin care products

So as  promised I am reviewing some of the stuff I got for Christmas

Remember this box of lush goodies?? Well I've finally got round to using the Honey Soap (top left) and the heart shaped massage bar on the right. The soap lathers up nicely and it feels very creamy, even oily according to my Mom. It's definitely not like regular soaps because it doesn't leave that stripped-tight-skin feeling after using it. The scent of honey is prominent but sweet and definitely lingers for a few hours. 

As for the massage bar, it's like rubbing vanilla and white chocolate all over my body. Compared to what I've heard about other massage bars it takes quite a while to melt in my hands. It's oily, sticky and difficult to spread on dry skin so I would recommend using an aqueous moisturiser first. The scent lingers until I wash it off and even stays on my clothes. I've been so tempted to eat my own arm I'm worried I'll turn into a cannibal. Zombie apocalypse here I come!!!!

As I'm typing this right now its begun to snow for the first time where I live!!! I was starting to worry there would never be an appropriate time to try this snowman bath ballistic. Until today the winter weather here in the Midlands of the UK has been so mild. Unfortunately this snowman wasn't really anything special. It made my bath a faint murky red colour and didn't leave a particular scent. As the red scarf disintegrated it formed little red squidgy pieces that fell to the bottom of my bath. I found this bath bomb slightly irritating to the dry parts of my skin, especially my hands. Bit of a disappointment really but at least he looks cute.

Last but not least is this witch tinted moisturiser in the shade medium. I believe there are 3 shades (light medium and dark) but I rarely see medium available and dark is never to be seen. When in stock this can usually be found in either Boots or Superdrug. 

I used this moisturiser during my first year of university, when my acne really started to play games with me. For some reason my skin was very pale then so when I applied this to a particular spot I ended up with an orange patch on my face (Very embarrassing). Now that I've acquired a faint tan from the heatwave last summer this colour suits me perfectly.

This may look very orange but once I start smearing it around my face it lightens and blends in nicely with my skin tone. Now that I've tried this I might be brave enough to try Maybelline's universal glow which is also very orange. This tinted moisturiser doesn't give as much coverage as Maybelline's dream pure for oily skin. But it does makes my skin tone look much more even and naturally clear. 

Because it contains witch hazel it should help to naturally clear spots and blemishes. I haven't noticed any major differences as of yet but so far this is my favourite form of a BB cream.

Most of the time I apply it on top of a moisturiser, but when I apply it on its own it flakes a little here and there. This isn't really a problem because I have oily skin and by the time I've walked out the door my face has produced enough sebum to de-flake my face. However, if you have dry skin I would recommend moisturising first because this tinted moisturising isn't really moisturising at all.

My only complaint is that is doesn't have SPF but on the plus side it is free of silicones.

Hope you enjoyed reading! :)


20 Jan 2014

One Year Bloggiversary


(insert party poppers here....)
(but for health and safety please don't pop them in people's faces)

Today is my blog's very first birthday!!!

I can't believe I've kept up with this for a whole year!! This is the closest thing to a diary that I have done consistently for a long period of time. When I first started this blog I had no idea what I was going to do with it or why I even started it in the first place. But naturally it took it's own form and I started to write about the things that consumed my most of my thoughts.........

The first being my hair...

I have been obsessed with my hair before, during a time which I like to call the "dark days" (you can read about it here) I had managed to suppress this obsession but it was still rooted deep within me and resurfaced when I started to experiment with products during my first year of university. I lived very close to three ethnic hair stores on the same street so naturally I began to try out new product.

And thus my hair journey was born. 

I was trying new products left right and centre and as I began reviewing hair products I also started to pay more attention to my skin care regime. As a science student I eventually became curious of the ingredients in all of my products and after finding some horrifying research online I decide to go au naturale.

This blog is my little space to dump my thoughts on products and tools I have tried out. It has been very therapeutic and has helped me to shed the weight of product junkiness instead of letting it consume my life. Before I would write down my thoughts in a little book, but it makes much more sense to put it all out there on the internet in case it helps someone the same way other blog posts and reviews have helped me.

This blog has definitely been dominated by my product junkism but now that I have found things I can rely on it's all calmed down. I really hope to write about other things that interest me because my hair an and skin isn't all that consumes my life (though it does take a considerable amount of time).

 Writing essays for school and uni has always been a monumental task and sometimes I dread having to sit down and write for and hours, even for this blog. But my passion for all things cosmetic has kept me going and I'm so proud of what this little space has become even though it's nothing big at all.

If I do manage to have another bloggiversary I will most definitely bake some birthday cupcakes to celebrate!!!

Here's to another great year of blogging and all the things in between!!! 



4 Jan 2014

Naked Rescue, Argan Magic, White teeth and Natural Deodorant

I was supposed to do this post a while ago, weeks before Christmas, but what with all the presents and celebrations I couldn't find it in me to get this post out, but here it is now,

 better late than never right???......

This is the naked rescue hair care bundle. From left to right you get a shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in conditioner. They all have a similar heavenly scent which I think has something to do with the shea butter. The conditioner is rich and thick and the little miracle leave-in is the best thing I've ever used after washing my hair. The shampoo itself is a little quite stripping and I probably wouldn't buy it on it's own. Individually these products are close to £4 each (that's £12 in total) however for £9.00 you can have this whole bundle that works a treat.

Argan magic Body lotion (£7.99) and Conditioner (££££ more than I want to admit) Both from T.K Maxx but I haven't tried the conditioner yet. The body lotion isn't thick but the slip allows me to spread it easily. It does form a thin tacky/sticky film but the lotion is easily absorbed. It's actually the fastest my skin has ever absorbed a moisturiser so this lotion is great for people with little time (or patience) to spread a heavy butter all over their body. As for moisturising it isn't very long lasting, to keep my skin hydrated I would have to moisturise every day. You do get 946ml in this bottle so it's still worth it.

Colgate Maxx white one toothpaste. I won't say much about this other than that it is the best whitening toothpaste I have ever used. It is a little pricey for £4 and you can see how small the tube is as I have placed it next to my iPhone for comparison. I did however see it on offer for £2 in ASDA so I got a tube for my sister as she would be going back to uni halls after the holidays. It claims up to one shade lighter in just a week and in that time I barely noticed a subtle difference. After 2-3 weeks however, my teeth were definitely much brighter. This toothpaste really is effective and has (according to my sister) removed those stains you usually get near the gums.

I'm not going to say exactly how I ended up in Boots, I may or may not have been aimlessly walking around whilst stalking a cute guy at the time ( oh come on!!! we all do it a some point so don't judge me!! lol !!). But either way I had somehow made my way to the deodorant aisle in Boots and spotted two things that have been puzzling about for over a year. Natural deodorant that is similarly effective as regular deodorant. I though this was impossible as I could not find anything like this anywhere. I always seem find these treasures when I'm not even trying to!

Both the roll on and the spray are by a brand called Keep It Kind. They are free of aluminium, parabens and the roll on is fragrance free. The spray is call Missy because it's for gals and there is another version for guys which I think is called Mr. However the Missy spray has a scent that faintly reminds me of aftershave which I though was very strange.

Either way it's not too obvious or too strong and since it's natural I'm more than happy to use it. It isn't as effective as a regular deodorant but it does the job for daily exertion (i.e rushing around campus for your daily lectures). Not quite sure how well these will serve me in the summer though.

These products are all between £2-3 so they are a similar price to the femfresh deodorant.

That's all for now......until I start having a go at the lush soaps I got for Christmas there will be no more product reviews from me for a good while.

Hope you enjoyed reading!! :)


1 Jan 2014

2014 Resolutions

Oh dear god its here!!! 

The new year has come around with the blink of an eye!!!

Now I'm not going to faffle here, I'm going to get straight to the point and tell you my new year resolutions

1. Trim down and tone up
I'm taking part in something called the beach body ready challenge this year on MyFitnessPal. this is a website and an apple app that you can use to track your calorie intake and expenditure.

2. Work out almost every day
In order to achieve number 1 but to also set me in a routine

3. Have breakfast by 10am 
This is the the most important meal of the day and having a lie ins until 11 means I tend to miss out when I really need it

4. Have 3 portions of fruit and veg a day
I never achieve my five a day, which is sad because I really do like fruit, but buying it and having enough for myself in a greedy family of six is a god damn hassle.

5. Join a belly dancing class
I have been obsessing over tutorials and workout videos on YouTube and would love to learn how to do this properly. I know it sounds like a strange thing to do but its something anyone can learn from any age!!

6. Get more sleep
I'm sure I don't need to elaborate on this one because everyone has their own reasons for lack of sleep but it's most annoying when the thing keeping you up is out of your control (such as noisy relatives with a surround sound TV at night, and LOUD TALKING!!!!) 

7. Make more time for my studies
studying regularly on a daily basis is a foreign concept to me, I'm always worn out or too depressed to even think about doing more work so I do the bare minimum. this needs to change as I want to reach my potential at university instead of just getting by.

8. Save money
This means no more product junkie habits. I really want to save up some money so I have enough to support me after I finish uni. After all, student finance won't support me forever!!!

9. Grow my hair longer.
Although I am proud of, and embrace my healthy curls I miss the length I used to have. losing my length to a pair of flat-irons at age 15 was the most tragic thing that happened to my hair. Even after five years I have never been able to get that length back due to lack of knowledge of how to care for my hair or how to put down the scissors. Now that I am wiser, I can hopefully get my curls to Bra-strap length by the end of September

10. Blog about non-beauty reallotted topics.
 I've been Blogging for almost a year now and almost all of it has been product related. there are other things that are important in life and I want to talk about them here 

So I said I wanted to trim down, well I plan on doing before and after pictures and here is the before, 

This may not look as bad but I also have a front facing photo which is way to horrid to put on here,

I bet you also though I had a flat stomach didn't you :).....well say hello to my food baby, and the extra flab on top of it.

I do genuinely look 3 months pregnant in this pic but I am determined to shed my muffin top in exchange for a toned set of abs. If  by any chance you were wondering what I've named my food baby I have called him Akiva, because I like foreign names and I am definitely going to have a son :)

Anyone else have a name for their food baby?? Fell free to share!!! not to mention your resolutions as well!!!

Hope you enjoyed reading!!!