2014 Resolutions

Oh dear god its here!!! 

The new year has come around with the blink of an eye!!!

Now I'm not going to faffle here, I'm going to get straight to the point and tell you my new year resolutions

1. Trim down and tone up
I'm taking part in something called the beach body ready challenge this year on MyFitnessPal. this is a website and an apple app that you can use to track your calorie intake and expenditure.

2. Work out almost every day
In order to achieve number 1 but to also set me in a routine

3. Have breakfast by 10am 
This is the the most important meal of the day and having a lie ins until 11 means I tend to miss out when I really need it

4. Have 3 portions of fruit and veg a day
I never achieve my five a day, which is sad because I really do like fruit, but buying it and having enough for myself in a greedy family of six is a god damn hassle.

5. Join a belly dancing class
I have been obsessing over tutorials and workout videos on YouTube and would love to learn how to do this properly. I know it sounds like a strange thing to do but its something anyone can learn from any age!!

6. Get more sleep
I'm sure I don't need to elaborate on this one because everyone has their own reasons for lack of sleep but it's most annoying when the thing keeping you up is out of your control (such as noisy relatives with a surround sound TV at night, and LOUD TALKING!!!!) 

7. Make more time for my studies
studying regularly on a daily basis is a foreign concept to me, I'm always worn out or too depressed to even think about doing more work so I do the bare minimum. this needs to change as I want to reach my potential at university instead of just getting by.

8. Save money
This means no more product junkie habits. I really want to save up some money so I have enough to support me after I finish uni. After all, student finance won't support me forever!!!

9. Grow my hair longer.
Although I am proud of, and embrace my healthy curls I miss the length I used to have. losing my length to a pair of flat-irons at age 15 was the most tragic thing that happened to my hair. Even after five years I have never been able to get that length back due to lack of knowledge of how to care for my hair or how to put down the scissors. Now that I am wiser, I can hopefully get my curls to Bra-strap length by the end of September

10. Blog about non-beauty reallotted topics.
 I've been Blogging for almost a year now and almost all of it has been product related. there are other things that are important in life and I want to talk about them here 

So I said I wanted to trim down, well I plan on doing before and after pictures and here is the before, 

This may not look as bad but I also have a front facing photo which is way to horrid to put on here,

I bet you also though I had a flat stomach didn't you :).....well say hello to my food baby, and the extra flab on top of it.

I do genuinely look 3 months pregnant in this pic but I am determined to shed my muffin top in exchange for a toned set of abs. If  by any chance you were wondering what I've named my food baby I have called him Akiva, because I like foreign names and I am definitely going to have a son :)

Anyone else have a name for their food baby?? Fell free to share!!! not to mention your resolutions as well!!!

Hope you enjoyed reading!!!

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