January skin care products

So as  promised I am reviewing some of the stuff I got for Christmas

Remember this box of lush goodies?? Well I've finally got round to using the Honey Soap (top left) and the heart shaped massage bar on the right. The soap lathers up nicely and it feels very creamy, even oily according to my Mom. It's definitely not like regular soaps because it doesn't leave that stripped-tight-skin feeling after using it. The scent of honey is prominent but sweet and definitely lingers for a few hours. 

As for the massage bar, it's like rubbing vanilla and white chocolate all over my body. Compared to what I've heard about other massage bars it takes quite a while to melt in my hands. It's oily, sticky and difficult to spread on dry skin so I would recommend using an aqueous moisturiser first. The scent lingers until I wash it off and even stays on my clothes. I've been so tempted to eat my own arm I'm worried I'll turn into a cannibal. Zombie apocalypse here I come!!!!

As I'm typing this right now its begun to snow for the first time where I live!!! I was starting to worry there would never be an appropriate time to try this snowman bath ballistic. Until today the winter weather here in the Midlands of the UK has been so mild. Unfortunately this snowman wasn't really anything special. It made my bath a faint murky red colour and didn't leave a particular scent. As the red scarf disintegrated it formed little red squidgy pieces that fell to the bottom of my bath. I found this bath bomb slightly irritating to the dry parts of my skin, especially my hands. Bit of a disappointment really but at least he looks cute.

Last but not least is this witch tinted moisturiser in the shade medium. I believe there are 3 shades (light medium and dark) but I rarely see medium available and dark is never to be seen. When in stock this can usually be found in either Boots or Superdrug. 

I used this moisturiser during my first year of university, when my acne really started to play games with me. For some reason my skin was very pale then so when I applied this to a particular spot I ended up with an orange patch on my face (Very embarrassing). Now that I've acquired a faint tan from the heatwave last summer this colour suits me perfectly.

This may look very orange but once I start smearing it around my face it lightens and blends in nicely with my skin tone. Now that I've tried this I might be brave enough to try Maybelline's universal glow which is also very orange. This tinted moisturiser doesn't give as much coverage as Maybelline's dream pure for oily skin. But it does makes my skin tone look much more even and naturally clear. 

Because it contains witch hazel it should help to naturally clear spots and blemishes. I haven't noticed any major differences as of yet but so far this is my favourite form of a BB cream.

Most of the time I apply it on top of a moisturiser, but when I apply it on its own it flakes a little here and there. This isn't really a problem because I have oily skin and by the time I've walked out the door my face has produced enough sebum to de-flake my face. However, if you have dry skin I would recommend moisturising first because this tinted moisturising isn't really moisturising at all.

My only complaint is that is doesn't have SPF but on the plus side it is free of silicones.

Hope you enjoyed reading! :)


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