Naked Rescue, Argan Magic, White teeth and Natural Deodorant

I was supposed to do this post a while ago, weeks before Christmas, but what with all the presents and celebrations I couldn't find it in me to get this post out, but here it is now,

 better late than never right???......

This is the naked rescue hair care bundle. From left to right you get a shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in conditioner. They all have a similar heavenly scent which I think has something to do with the shea butter. The conditioner is rich and thick and the little miracle leave-in is the best thing I've ever used after washing my hair. The shampoo itself is a little quite stripping and I probably wouldn't buy it on it's own. Individually these products are close to £4 each (that's £12 in total) however for £9.00 you can have this whole bundle that works a treat.

Argan magic Body lotion (£7.99) and Conditioner (££££ more than I want to admit) Both from T.K Maxx but I haven't tried the conditioner yet. The body lotion isn't thick but the slip allows me to spread it easily. It does form a thin tacky/sticky film but the lotion is easily absorbed. It's actually the fastest my skin has ever absorbed a moisturiser so this lotion is great for people with little time (or patience) to spread a heavy butter all over their body. As for moisturising it isn't very long lasting, to keep my skin hydrated I would have to moisturise every day. You do get 946ml in this bottle so it's still worth it.

Colgate Maxx white one toothpaste. I won't say much about this other than that it is the best whitening toothpaste I have ever used. It is a little pricey for £4 and you can see how small the tube is as I have placed it next to my iPhone for comparison. I did however see it on offer for £2 in ASDA so I got a tube for my sister as she would be going back to uni halls after the holidays. It claims up to one shade lighter in just a week and in that time I barely noticed a subtle difference. After 2-3 weeks however, my teeth were definitely much brighter. This toothpaste really is effective and has (according to my sister) removed those stains you usually get near the gums.

I'm not going to say exactly how I ended up in Boots, I may or may not have been aimlessly walking around whilst stalking a cute guy at the time ( oh come on!!! we all do it a some point so don't judge me!! lol !!). But either way I had somehow made my way to the deodorant aisle in Boots and spotted two things that have been puzzling about for over a year. Natural deodorant that is similarly effective as regular deodorant. I though this was impossible as I could not find anything like this anywhere. I always seem find these treasures when I'm not even trying to!

Both the roll on and the spray are by a brand called Keep It Kind. They are free of aluminium, parabens and the roll on is fragrance free. The spray is call Missy because it's for gals and there is another version for guys which I think is called Mr. However the Missy spray has a scent that faintly reminds me of aftershave which I though was very strange.

Either way it's not too obvious or too strong and since it's natural I'm more than happy to use it. It isn't as effective as a regular deodorant but it does the job for daily exertion (i.e rushing around campus for your daily lectures). Not quite sure how well these will serve me in the summer though.

These products are all between £2-3 so they are a similar price to the femfresh deodorant.

That's all for now......until I start having a go at the lush soaps I got for Christmas there will be no more product reviews from me for a good while.

Hope you enjoyed reading!! :)


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