17 Feb 2014

Bits and Bobs #3

Once again I cannot think of a creative/interesting title for this one

so here it is

A few things I have tried recently

I got this soap for Christmas and have only just got 'round to using it a under a week ago. This was because the honey soap lasted me such a long time even with every day use.

This one is the Angel Delight soap from Lush and it smells like candy. It doesn't lather up as much as the honey soap and the scent isn't as strong either but it's gentle and looks like it will last a long while.

Did I mention it's also Pink!!! :D

Next is the Naked Renew Strengthening Shampoo

ooohhh that rimes when you say it out loud !!!

I think it contains protein to strengthen the hair but it's a little more watery and gentler than the naked rescue shampoo I was using before. It also smells great too!!!

Last and probably least in my eyes is this salt body scrub from freeman, the same brand that produces my favourite sugar scrub.

I bought it because it was on offer for £3.19 which was cheaper than my usual sugar scrub of £4.19. I also wanted to try something different but I was sadly disappointed when I got round to using it in the shower.

It's not as effective when it comes to ex-foliating. The salt crystals are so big and heavy that they fall away  and through my fingers. It's difficult to keep them in a particular area. I also found that after a while it was difficult to actually get the stuff out of the tube. It was like it was blocked with something and I couldn't for the life of me get it out.

In the end I gave up and threw it away. I'm now using one of those pumices that looks like a stone.

So that's it

I have two more lush products sitting on my shelf waiting to be used and also a few blow-drying products.

Until I get around to using those too that is all from me.


6 Feb 2014

When one fire dies another one starts somewhere else.

I know for a fact that I don't have the same enthusiasm that I did when I first started to review all my products and hair shenanigans. Like any relationship, blogging has become something of regular chore and I'm finally getting bored of talking about what's inside my latest magic bottle of god knows what. 

There is a long list of products on my phone that are either sitting in my closet or I am yet to buy.  Don't worry I'm not hoarding stuff, I only buy it if I need it or if it's on a really good offer. 

But it's getting tedious. 

When I see something interesting in the store I get all excited about trying it and put it on my list, but by the time I get 'round to finishing what I'm using I've lost my excitement and blogging about my latest trial product is a chore.

(Wow, what a dramatic picture!)

I will always be passionate about cosmetics and in the future I want to focus more on the science of it.

However I have recently found a new passion and that's for baking :)

Just call me the cupcake queen because with some new gadgets and some online recipes I now feel empowered and more confident in my cooking skills (or at least baking skills).

I really want to write more posts about my latest efforts at feeding my sweet tooth without going to a supermarket. Every time I see a pack of cakes or something sweet I tell my self I can bake it at home which will be much more fulfilling and rewarding. (and my waistline will also thank me for resisting those double chocolate muffins in Morrisons)

Once I find it in me to write these posts I will, but I think I will wait until I've mastered a few recipes and the list of products on my phone is also shorter :)


5 Feb 2014

Recent Hair Products

I'll admit it, I haven't really had much motivation to blog recently. With exams, deadlines and a slight case of the January blues finally hitting in I've fallen into a bit of a slump.

As a result of my pure laziness here is a potentially long post of hair products I have used in the past month or so......

In one of my December post I talked about the Argan Magic Body lotion. It was thin, slippery and very easy to apply. Well the conditioner wasn't much different. I was hoping it would be thick and work as a great deep conditioner but it didn't live up to those expectations. However as a co-wash conditioner it's excellent. The thin slippery consistency is great for de-tangling and cleansing my scalp. I paid under £10 (T.K Maxx) for almost a Litre of this conditioner so in terms of pennies per 100ml it's no surprise that the quality of the conditioner is as cheap as the price.

Over all this works best as a lightly hydrating co-wash conditioner.

When I purchased the Argan magic body lotion and conditioner I also bought this conditioner which I believe is called the Supreme Cream Conditioner. I think Liquid gold conditioner would have been more sell-able but I'm not and advertiser am I???

Contrary to slippery Argan Magic Conditioner the Supreme Cream is most definitely thick. Too thick for a co-wash but amaaaaaazing as a deep conditioner. I may have only tried it once but it put so much moisture and elasticity back into my hair. 

To explain how good this is I need to tell a little story....

I had recently over-conditioned my locks over the beginning of this poor excuse for a winter. The weather had dried out my hair so I religiously deep conditioned for at least two hours after every wash. My hair was way too stretchy so decided to put some protein in to strengthen it up. I used an egg protein mask on almost every wash occasion for a few weeks.

However, I had at this point also over-done it with the protein and my hair became slightly brittle (it had lost it's stretchiness). To rectify this I deep conditioned with the Supreme Cream conditioner for one hour which gave my hair lots of elasticity. I read an article on naturallycurly.com that explained why the maximum deep conditioning time should be half an hour so it's no wonder I over-conditioned my hair with my 2 hour deep treatments. 

It's amazing how on one occasion this conditioner but so much moisture back into my hair. It did cost a few quid more than the Argan Magic but it's definitely a high quality deep conditioner.

So I mentioned that I used a protein treatment, well this is it. The Vatika egg protein hair mask. The ingredients are very simple and consist of mainly egg, honey, and a few other things. This isn't a deep, serious repair protein treatment but with regular use it can add some strength and resistance to breakage.

It really does look like an eggy, gloopy mess. It has a jelly like consistency and although it seems thick it disperses quite nicely and has enough slip to do some decent de-tangling. At first I didn't like the smell but my little sister reassured me that it smells like regular candles. Other than being a bit gloopy it's easy to apply gives immediate results. 

I do wonder if this mask is a little stripping because egg is an emulsifier and when I rub the gloop in my hands it looks a teensy bit foamy. It's not really all that conditioning either because when I rinse it out my hair isn't as silky as usual. However as a protein treatment it's light and does the job.

This isn't as bad as it looks!!!! I have not been flat-ironing my hair but I have been blow-drying it straight. During January I simply got sick to death of my curl pattern and decided to straighten it. The original plan was to use the flat iron but because I did such a good job on the blow-out I decided to leave it at that. After leaving my hair in an olive-oiled fishtail braid for two days I ended up with silky shiny waves that curled up at the end of the day. 

The results were amazing and after a few more tries I have officially mastered blowing out my own hair. It takes an hour and a half  but knowing I can almost straighten my hair without a flat iron means that I can do it more often. It's also easier for me to do protective styles so I'm thinking this could be a regular thing for me during dry weather like the early winter period. It's been raining recently so straightening is at the moment is a no go.

As for the actual product well it's a heat protector. I hope it protects my hair and as far as I can tell I have little to no heat damage. It smells lovely and fruity and doesn't seem to dry out my hair.

Next up on my blow-drying agenda is this straightening balm I got from Poundland. 

YES ONLY A £££POUND££££ !!!!

I believe this really made a difference because when I gave an extra coating of this stuff to my bangs they turned out straighter than the rest of my hair. It gives my hair shine and and softness that I don't usually get, especially at the ends. It doesn't however, combat the post-blow-dry poofiness but if I use plenty of olive oil in a fishtail braid my hair remains calm, smooth and frizz-free for the following day!!!

Hope you enjoyed reading!