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Bits and Bobs #3

Once again I cannot think of a creative/interesting title for this one
so here it is
A few things I have tried recently

I got this soap for Christmas and have only just got 'round to using it a under a week ago. This was because the honey soap lasted me such a long time even with every day use.
This one is the Angel Delight soap from Lush and it smells like candy. It doesn't lather up as much as the honey soap and the scent isn't as strong either but it's gentle and looks like it will last a long while.
Did I mention it's also Pink!!! :D

Next is the Naked Renew Strengthening Shampoo
ooohhh that rimes when you say it out loud !!!
I think it contains protein to strengthen the hair but it's a little more watery and gentler than the naked rescue shampoo I was using before. It also smells great too!!!

Last and probably least in my eyes is this salt body scrub from freeman, the same brand that produces my favourite sugar scrub.
I bought it because it was on offer fo…

When one fire dies another one starts somewhere else.

I know for a fact that I don't have the same enthusiasm that I did when I first started to review all my products and hair shenanigans. Like any relationship, blogging has become something of regular chore and I'm finally getting bored of talking about what's inside my latest magic bottle of god knows what. 
There is a long list of products on my phone that are either sitting in my closet or I am yet to buy.  Don't worry I'm not hoarding stuff, I only buy it if I need it or if it's on a really good offer. 
But it's getting tedious. 
When I see something interesting in the store I get all excited about trying it and put it on my list, but by the time I get 'round to finishing what I'm using I've lost my excitement and blogging about my latest trial product is a chore.

(Wow, what a dramatic picture!)

I will always be passionate about cosmetics and in the future I want to focus more on the science of it.
However I have recently found a new passion …

Recent Hair Products

I'll admit it, I haven't really had much motivation to blog recently. With exams, deadlines and a slight case of the January blues finally hitting in I've fallen into a bit of a slump.
As a result of my pure laziness here is a potentially long post of hair products I have used in the past month or so......

In one of my December post I talked about the Argan Magic Body lotion. It was thin, slippery and very easy to apply. Well the conditioner wasn't much different. I was hoping it would be thick and work as a great deep conditioner but it didn't live up to those expectations. However as a co-wash conditioner it's excellent. The thin slippery consistency is great for de-tangling and cleansing my scalp. I paid under £10 (T.K Maxx) for almost a Litre of this conditioner so in terms of pennies per 100ml it's no surprise that the quality of the conditioner is as cheap as the price.
Over all this works best as a lightly hydrating co-wash conditioner.

When I purch…