Bits and Bobs #3

Once again I cannot think of a creative/interesting title for this one

so here it is

A few things I have tried recently

I got this soap for Christmas and have only just got 'round to using it a under a week ago. This was because the honey soap lasted me such a long time even with every day use.

This one is the Angel Delight soap from Lush and it smells like candy. It doesn't lather up as much as the honey soap and the scent isn't as strong either but it's gentle and looks like it will last a long while.

Did I mention it's also Pink!!! :D

Next is the Naked Renew Strengthening Shampoo

ooohhh that rimes when you say it out loud !!!

I think it contains protein to strengthen the hair but it's a little more watery and gentler than the naked rescue shampoo I was using before. It also smells great too!!!

Last and probably least in my eyes is this salt body scrub from freeman, the same brand that produces my favourite sugar scrub.

I bought it because it was on offer for £3.19 which was cheaper than my usual sugar scrub of £4.19. I also wanted to try something different but I was sadly disappointed when I got round to using it in the shower.

It's not as effective when it comes to ex-foliating. The salt crystals are so big and heavy that they fall away  and through my fingers. It's difficult to keep them in a particular area. I also found that after a while it was difficult to actually get the stuff out of the tube. It was like it was blocked with something and I couldn't for the life of me get it out.

In the end I gave up and threw it away. I'm now using one of those pumices that looks like a stone.

So that's it

I have two more lush products sitting on my shelf waiting to be used and also a few blow-drying products.

Until I get around to using those too that is all from me.


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