When one fire dies another one starts somewhere else.

I know for a fact that I don't have the same enthusiasm that I did when I first started to review all my products and hair shenanigans. Like any relationship, blogging has become something of regular chore and I'm finally getting bored of talking about what's inside my latest magic bottle of god knows what. 

There is a long list of products on my phone that are either sitting in my closet or I am yet to buy.  Don't worry I'm not hoarding stuff, I only buy it if I need it or if it's on a really good offer. 

But it's getting tedious. 

When I see something interesting in the store I get all excited about trying it and put it on my list, but by the time I get 'round to finishing what I'm using I've lost my excitement and blogging about my latest trial product is a chore.

(Wow, what a dramatic picture!)

I will always be passionate about cosmetics and in the future I want to focus more on the science of it.

However I have recently found a new passion and that's for baking :)

Just call me the cupcake queen because with some new gadgets and some online recipes I now feel empowered and more confident in my cooking skills (or at least baking skills).

I really want to write more posts about my latest efforts at feeding my sweet tooth without going to a supermarket. Every time I see a pack of cakes or something sweet I tell my self I can bake it at home which will be much more fulfilling and rewarding. (and my waistline will also thank me for resisting those double chocolate muffins in Morrisons)

Once I find it in me to write these posts I will, but I think I will wait until I've mastered a few recipes and the list of products on my phone is also shorter :)


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