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Baking Habits

I'll be real quick and won't go into too much detail.
Once I feel I have mastered the recipes and tweaked them to my liking I will post my baking efforts one recipe at a time.

The very first thing I tried to make this year was shortbreads, I was surprised by how easy this was and definitely enjoyed fondling the dough. They turned out softer than I wanted them to be which I guess Is a good thing since most people struggle to make them soft.

Next were some simple plain vanilla cupcakes. In the past I have found butter icing sickly but when I made It I must have gone a little overboard with the sugar because it tasted great. Unfortunately the cake part wasn't as great as I had used Wholemeal flour which may have overpowered the sweetness and vanilla flavour. If it wasn't for the icing then no one would have eaten the cupcakes.

I had so much icing left over I practised my icing skills with a syringe I forgot to take a picture of.

Next up were some banana muffins. Again I …

Bits and Bobs #4

I'm going to start of with re-reviews of two products that I dismissed in the past...
 I didn't like them at first but after giving them a second go I have managed to find a place for them in my heart (i.e. the one that pumps conditioner instead of blood and beats wildly at the sight of a cosmetic store)

Firstly of the two is the Taliah Waajid Curly curl cream. When I initially tried this it was during the dry and cold, autumn/winter season. This was possibly the worst time to try a glycerine based product and the result was dry, crunchy, frizzy hair. 
It's now spring and the weather is slightly warm and humid. My curls were drying out faster than usual but applying this curly curl cream as my top layer seems to keep the moisture in and it also helps to define my curls.

Next is the L'oreal Elvive Night Serum with Royal Jelly.
I'm quite fussy with smells and the Royal jelly scent initially put me off even though my sisters liked it. In a desperate attempt to broade…