Chocolate Cupcakes and More Hair Products

I made these chocolate cupcakes weeks ago, not long after Mother's day. They were made on a whim mostly because some of my food (i.e eggs and butter) was about to expire. Instead of throwing the away I decided to use them up and make these chocolate cupcakes which turned out better than I expected. I used separate recipes for the sponge and the icing. The sponge was a little on the dry side but the icing was lovely. I will definitely make these again as my family loved them but maybe I will some oil to the cake mix to give it a bit more moisture next time.

I think this I bought this conditioner for around £3 from super drug, I was initially attracted to the pink L'oreal Elvive bottle and then started browsing the whole range. Naturally I came across something hat was CG Friendly and hopefully an alternative that the protein egg mask I've been using. I've only used it a few times but the last time I rinsed it out my hair was dry afterwards and less elastic. I have to say my strands did feel a little more resistant when being combed. This could mean either one of two things, the first being that it actually put protein in my hair which, whilst strengthening my hair, may have made it drier, or the second being a possibility that this is just a shit  not very moisturising conditioner -_-

Hopefully not the latter as I will continue to use it in hope that it is helping my worn looking ends.

This is latest edition to my bathroom closet and it is a super moisturising hair mask.
This is the same brand as the egg protein mask I used and it works just as well.

It's quite obvious from the get go that there is henna involved but not enough to dye the hair, only enough to reap the other benefits of henna. There's olive oil and almond extract in there too and the scent reminds me of plain candle wax, a little earthy which is probably due to the henna.  I have to say this is one of the best conditioners I have ever used, my hair has never felt so soft and silky. I could just tell as soon as I rinsed it out my hair had that liquid silk feeling. I'll have to do a closer comparison but this hair mask may rival some of my thickest argan oil conditioners.

Last but not least is a natural shampoo specifically made for brunettes. It has a funny herbal scent but it's of the floral kind (probably the sage). I cant's say that it's done anything to enhance the colour of my naturally brown hair but it's another sulphate free shampoo that thoroughly cleanses my lion mane so I will probably use it again. Just like the other Naked bodycare shampoos I also use this to clean my make up brushes and it works fantastically at getting the gunk out of them.

*completely forgot to add this into the post, whoops
Argania dream conditioner 99p from Discount UK. It's basically the same as the Mellor and Russell conditioner I bought from poundland last year which you can see here. It's too thin to be used for deep conditioning so I use it as a leave-in product, I also dilute some of it in a spray bottle with water to use as a detangler. It work  really well in both cases and adds shine and moisture to my hair without weighing it down however the curl definition I get isn't that great and I end up with quite a bit of poofiness and frizz all around. 

The ingredients are very basic with argan oil as the last ingredient which I was not very impressed by but the smell is almost exactly the same as the Mellor and Russell hair conditioners. I'm surprised it's not the same brand but I have to say, the packaging Is very pretty. 

Considering I have thick hair I seem to be getting a lot of uses out of this 200ml bottle. I would probably recommend this conditioner to those with straight hair or type 2 curls but it's still worth a try if you're type 3b. Just make sure you layer it with other products or maybe oil like in the LOC method, or at least re-apply the next day to top up on moisture

That's all for now, this has kind of been a little catch-up as I am behind getting stuff posted, Easter has already come and gone and I still haven't done written the post I had planned for the Easter cupcakes I made recently. Hopefully I can get it done tomorrow :)

Hope You Enjoyed Reading!!


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