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Hot Belgian Chocolate but No Hot Belgian Blokes -_-

In a post that I wrote almost a year ago I mentioned my love for Hot chocolate. I also mentioned that I may post my thoughts on all the brands and flavours I have tried. I never thought I would actually do this but here I am with several sachets of options hot chocolate that I was drawn to whilst grocery shopping.

I have already shared my love for the original chocolate flavour which is already rich but the picture above shows the chocolate indulgence version which Is even richer and absolutely divine to drink. The packaging has also changed since the last time I bought this tub. The last time there was an elaborate golden pattern which looked very pretty against the dark chocolate brown background. Now there is a lot more gold and whilst it's not as pretty it's more eye-catching and as a magpie with an eye for shiny things this makes it easier for me to spot my favourite hot chocolate :)

These are the sachets that I bought but I am missing a few flavours from the indulgence …