16 May 2014

De-stressing with Late Spring Lush Treats

This is part 2  to the previous post.

I have taken advantage of the de-stressing benefits of lush bath product and somehow developed an addiction.......like caffeine dependence.

I think I have somehow spoilt myself rotten because regular baths now seem boring no matter how many bubbles I have!!!

These are in reverse order of when I tried them but I'm sure that doesn't matter :)

Think Pink bath bomb

About to drop it in!!!


The flower petals dissolve completely and I know so because I could not find them anywhere

I was totally not expecting the little surprise inside. The confetti hearts were in purple and pink and it made my bath so much more special.

This bath bomb would definitely be a perfect gift for valentines day!!

Sakura bath bomb

The design is beautiful and the scent is oriental floral (like a Japanese perfume) no wonder they called it Sakura!!! :)

Unfortunately there was an absence of colour but the floral scent was quite prominent

Marshmallow bath melt, smells like candy (lovehearts to be precise)

Picked it up whilst fizzing

Turned my bath milky pink and the smell was so nice, it even lingered on my skin afterwards!!

Immaculate eggception  in pink

I think this particular design looks like an Alien egg!


Fizzing away, wasn't expecting the blue layer

There was a little yellow egg inside the big pink egg, I've heard of  people getting little chicks inside their eggs, maybe mine fizzed away too fast :(

The outer pink layer was gone almost instantly!!

After the yellow egg had dissolved my pink bath had turned a little more orange. This bath bomb didn't have an overwhelmingly special kind of scent like the others, it was just subtle and sweet. The star feature of course was finding the little egg inside

Of course I had to add bubbles.

That's all my spring time treats so far, I would like to try the eggception in yellow but I think I will have to wait until Easter next year :(

There is now a little woven basket with a pink polka-dot bow sitting on top of my wardrobe. Inside this basket is my line up of summer lush treats and there is definitely a lot of them!!! I think I need to stay off the Lush website for a while!!

Hope you enjoyed reading :)