16 May 2014

Exams Ruin Lives: With a Cup of Coco

This is somewhat of a sequel to an earlier post I did entitled Dissertations Ruin Lives, and it's funny because Just when I thought I'd got my sh*t together, I lost it again when exams came around. Yesterday I did a four-hour exam, no break, (apart from when I went to the loo) did the exam board not take it into consideration that it's impossible for a nervous wreck like me to last four hours without needing a pee-pee. Of course not.

So If your wondering why I'm still alive this post and the next one after will hopefully explain why......

Hot Chocolate......

I've said it before, I'm and addict and during times of stress it's unusual for me to go even one day without a mug unless I am ridiculously busy.

Most recently I have tried the fudge (orange pack in the middle) and the cherry (pink one on the right).

The fudge.............tasted fudgy.........and like the other odd flavours it smelled like burned fudge
That's the best you're gonna get out of me coz I wasn't very impressed with it.

As for the cherry flavour it was much more pleasant however I am not a fan of cherries and though it tasted sweet I could not bear to drink more than a few sips........ so down the sink it went. If you are a cherry fanatic then this particular flavoured coco could be the hot chocolate for you.

I have had this bottle sitting in a draw/box for at least a few months (#productjunkieproblems) When I bought it for £3.50 (2 for £7) it was relatively new to the shelves of superdrug and I was eager to try it as I Love the smell of  Aussie products.

The first time I used this conditioner, I used it to co-wash and I deep conditioned for 30min. It was very good at cleansing but not so great at conditioning, when dried my hair seemed frizzier than normal. The second time I did the same only deep conditioned for over an hour. when I rinsed my hair was very smooth but not compared to some of the richer conditioners I have used the results weren't great. Deep conditioning seemed to help a little with definition and was very effective at making my hair baby soft.

I also used it as a leave in and let my hair air dry overnight as usual. My curls were dry and poofy the next morning. This was a complete disappointment as the product is supposed to combat frizz, not make it worse. This conditioner does nothing in the way of moisturising and is absolutely rubbish as a leave in.

Over all the Aussie 3 minute miracle frizz remedy  only seems to be useful as a co-washer. But if you wan't to soften your hair this will definitely do the job however I would rather by the Aussie miracle moist conditioner which will moisturise and soften hair at the same time for 50p less depending on what store you go to.

Garnier ultimate beauty oil, bought on offer for £5.99 in boots or superdrug

Why didn't I notice these before?? I assumed this range of oils contained mineral oil but these particular body oils don't, to my surprise. They're also very good, moisturising, fast absorbing, easy to spread, but not so easy to apply. There have been a lot of complaints about the design of these bottles which when handled by oily hands tend to slip out of grip. A terrible design flaw which could be remedied by transferring to a different bottle which is easier to use.

I am surprised by these body oils (there's three of them btw) and each one pretty much has the same properties, i.e fast absorbing, easy to spread around skin, and all make my skin look like a million dollars. It's as if I have that glowy holiday sheen after each application.

My only issue is that two of these oils have scents that are not to my liking. the anti age one (purple bottle) has a floral scent that is a little too mature for me. This one in the picture above has a scent that's nice but still a little strange.

I am yet to fully try the anti-cellulite version but I have a feeling it will be amazing as it has the most amount of natural ingredients and also has the most divine citrus smell ever.


Dew blossom Body lotion, bought in T.K Maxx for £3.00 reduced fro, £4.00

I was attracted by the pretty green packaging and peculiar square shape which is not usual for a bottle of body lotion.

I applied it last night and to my surprise it absorbed quite quickly. There was a little sticky residue left over but it was barely noticeable. The scent of the lotion is definitely a peculiar one which I can only describe as earthy like all other natural products. It really does infuse and lock in moisture. My legs are usually dry within one day but they are still moisturised right at this very moment as I am typing. 

I think the brand name is Love & toast but I won't be checking it out any time soon since it is an american brand so I highly doubt the shipping will be cheap.

My only major issue is that the lotion is sooooo thick and stiff it's impossible to spread quickly and efficiently all over the body. I could only ever use this as a hand/elbow/knee cream or for other small areas.

The ingredients are all natural and look very nourishing which explains why the product is so thick.

At the moment this product is serving a a very good hand cream which I would happily repurchase for that purpose only........and because the packaging is so darn pretty :)

That's all for now, keep a look out for part two of this post.

Hope you enjoyed reading :)