27 Jun 2014

Bits and bobs #6 (new blow out products)

You'd think that being as though it's the summer holidays (for me at least) I would have plenty of time to blog

But no, somewhere in between working extra days, moving furniture, clothes and organising for four straight weeks, being deprived of sleep by loud noisy relatives I have barely found time for myself let alone blogging.

As I type I am actually multitasking, barely catching up with you tube videos.but without further a due, here a a few things I have used in the past month.

Lush Avobath bomb. I knowwww I've blogged about too many but this is the last one, I promise...........

.......until Autumn heheheh

I didn't even want to put this on here but I had to just to tell y'all that this particular bath bomb is very special.
I didn't think it would be  anything special because for one I couldn't rely smell the avocado scent, and two green isn't particularly my favourite colour unless it's sea/teal green. 

Add some glitter however, and you have a whole new dynamic on your hands. THIS BATH BOMB GLITTERS!! I know you can't see it in the picture but I felt like a fairy mermaid, like tinker bell under the sea.

And for those reasons alone the Avobath is officially my favourite bath bomb

Asda little angels light oil mist £1.50

This is supposed to be a body oil but I felt it was too sticky so I used it on my hair instead and it works great but I have to be veeeeery careful with how much to use, too much will make it greasy and no amount of dry shampoo will help remove the oiliness. I like this better than using a pure oils on my hair because the spray bottle makes application much easier and quicker to do. Overall this is a lightweight oil that helps reduce frizz and seal in moisture. Also, a little goes a very long way so for £1.50 it's pretty darn good.


I straightened my hair recently and I used a few new products to aid the blow out session. It took me a whole day to do including hot oil treatment, washing, deep conditioning, blow out, regular breaks, and trimming. After towel drying I applied the keratin plus cream (£5.99 T.K Maxx) liberally to my hair. It felt smooth and slippery like a conditioner and wasn't very sticky. Once I had finished I waited for it to sink into my hair and then blow dried in sections, spritzing any dry hair with the blow pro smoothing spray prior to blow drying. 

I bought the blow pro spray for around £5 from superdrug but only because it was half price so it would have been around £10. However I don't straighten my hair very often so I consider it as a rare treat. the spreay itself was more like a lightweight conditioner because it was slightly too thick to be sprayed out of the nozzle. A little goes a long way so it's totally good value for money considering how well the product works.

I may have applied these products a bit too liberally because I got a lot of build up on my hot air styler. I had to use a toothbrush to clean the gunk out of the teeth of my hot air comb. However there was no residue on my hair straighteners.

After blow drying my hair was very easy to straighten and required only to passes of the flat-iron instead of my usual three. In the end my hair was super shiny, sleek and soft which doesn't usually happen hen my curls are straightened out. 

Lush Ultra balm

This all purpose balm is great. Its oil based and free of water, yet still very moisturising. I remember trying it in the Lush store and a smoothed a little onto my sisters straightened hair and her curls didn't revert at all. I knew then that I wanted to try this on my hair when I eventually straightened it. It's made of jojoba oil which closely matches the body's natural sebum hence it's ability to absorb into and moisturise our hair and skin. 

The balm it'self is slightly greasy but if used sparingly it can give long lasting anti-frizz high shine effects on straightened hair. I'm talking humid British rain-shower (with an umbrella of course) and hours of dancing (inside) frizz resistance. My hair stayed more or less frizz-free and in place for a humid evening of rain and late night dancing. 

If it wasn't for the high price tag and slightly strange smell I would definitely use this regularly but it's great to use as a treat for the rare occasions that I straighten my hair.

Lastly, Asda dry shampoo, exotic tropic (but mostly smells of coconuts)

In this hot humid weather there is no way may scalp can stay oil free for long so I need a little help. I usually stay away from products containing alcohol denat so but the Asda dry shampoos are the only ones I can find that are free of silicones or other bad things. If used sparingly and brushed out properly, white can be avoided, but I also have the invisible version which I use for curly hair as I cannot brush it out in this situation.
I would love to try the batiste dry shampoo for brunettes but I rarely use dry shampoo's at all so it may be a while until I try it.

That's all for now

Hope you enjoyed reading :)


4 Jun 2014

Citrus Bath times

As of recent I've decided that my number one ambition in life is to be a fruity bar of soap, but being as though this is somewhat impossible, I will have to settle for the act of rubbing one into my loofah whilst running through the scientific theories of human transformation. 

(The little mermaid made it look so darn easy -_-)

Bohemian Soap from, you guessed it!!.....Lush of course

If you think it looks lemony then you guessed right, it smells like Mr Kipling's Lemon slices and I swear I almost licked it when I presented this soap to my sister.

I've only ever tried one other soap bar from lush but I have a feeling that this one will be my favourite. I completely forgot that there would be actual lemon stuff inside this bar because lush products are made from natural fresh ingredients. This means that the acidic properties present in lemons will most likely be present in the soap. And I definitely felt this when my spots and shaving cuts started to sting a little. 

Although the sting is mildly unpleasant I would totally use this soap again simply for it's exfoliating properties. it's fantastic at exfoliating and smoothing the skin without much 'scrubbing effort' which probably reduces physical abrasion on the skin. It's isn't a grainy soap if that's what you're thinking, it's just that the acidic properties of the lemon naturally exfoliate and soften the skin. (or at least that's what I think is happening)

You've been Mangoed bath melt.

Turned my bath a murky green colour which wasn't all too impressive, but like the may day bath bomb the main feature of this bath melt is the scent. At first it smelled like butter icing but once it had dissolved in my bath I definitely got a whiff of mango. It also lingered on my skin a little which is nice if you're lucky enough to not need a moisturiser afterwards. By the time I've buttered, and oiled and used medicated cream the scent has completely gone but it's nice to have in the bath while it lasts.

My little lush basket is looking depressingly empty now, it just goes to show how addictive lush products are. If I ever see white powder falling out the middle of a bath bomb I will be highly suspicious lol.

Hope you enjoyed reading :)


3 Jun 2014

Saving Badgers & Funky Conditioner

Yes another lush bomb!!

There is only one left in my basket now....sad times, I know :(

This is the May Day bath bomb and buying supports a cause that you can read about on the lush website: click here to see

Personally I think this looks more like a skunk rather than a badger but fortunately it smells nothing like a skunk. In fact I think this is possibly one of the best smelling bath bombs I have ever tried.

I thought to myself there is no way it's just plain white on the inside, there has to be a colour or some sort of surprise at the centre.

As it fizzed away my disappointment started to set in and I realised that it was just a plain white bath bomb. It did make my water look milky which I suppose is better than nothing.

There was something at the centre though.....

A nice little message to keep the badgers alive :)

Despite the lack of colour I would probably buy this bath bomb again purely because of the strong, sweet floral scent it gives off. (and to save the badgers of course!)

Derma Organics Daily Hydrating Conditioner  £12.99 from T.K Maxx.

This could have been my favourite conditioner. It could have been my MOST FAVOURITE conditioner.

It's just as versatile as the Pantene proV conditioners. Good for de-tangling, co-washing, leave-ins, refreshing and even deep conditioning. It makes my hair super soft, silky and shiny and well moisturised. It also contains rice protein so there's a little bit of nourishment in there.

The only downside which I'm not even that sure about is the scent......In the bottle it smells lovely but when used as a leave-in, both my Mom and sisters all complained about the smell of my hair and told me it wasn't good. This is such a shame because the conditioner works so well but despite the scent problem I can still use it as a decent co-washer and deep conditioner.

I should really do an update on my successful recipes but it's a working progress at the moment so maybe sometime soon. :)

Hope you enjoyed reading!