4 Jun 2014

Citrus Bath times

As of recent I've decided that my number one ambition in life is to be a fruity bar of soap, but being as though this is somewhat impossible, I will have to settle for the act of rubbing one into my loofah whilst running through the scientific theories of human transformation. 

(The little mermaid made it look so darn easy -_-)

Bohemian Soap from, you guessed it!!.....Lush of course

If you think it looks lemony then you guessed right, it smells like Mr Kipling's Lemon slices and I swear I almost licked it when I presented this soap to my sister.

I've only ever tried one other soap bar from lush but I have a feeling that this one will be my favourite. I completely forgot that there would be actual lemon stuff inside this bar because lush products are made from natural fresh ingredients. This means that the acidic properties present in lemons will most likely be present in the soap. And I definitely felt this when my spots and shaving cuts started to sting a little. 

Although the sting is mildly unpleasant I would totally use this soap again simply for it's exfoliating properties. it's fantastic at exfoliating and smoothing the skin without much 'scrubbing effort' which probably reduces physical abrasion on the skin. It's isn't a grainy soap if that's what you're thinking, it's just that the acidic properties of the lemon naturally exfoliate and soften the skin. (or at least that's what I think is happening)

You've been Mangoed bath melt.

Turned my bath a murky green colour which wasn't all too impressive, but like the may day bath bomb the main feature of this bath melt is the scent. At first it smelled like butter icing but once it had dissolved in my bath I definitely got a whiff of mango. It also lingered on my skin a little which is nice if you're lucky enough to not need a moisturiser afterwards. By the time I've buttered, and oiled and used medicated cream the scent has completely gone but it's nice to have in the bath while it lasts.

My little lush basket is looking depressingly empty now, it just goes to show how addictive lush products are. If I ever see white powder falling out the middle of a bath bomb I will be highly suspicious lol.

Hope you enjoyed reading :)