3 Jun 2014

Saving Badgers & Funky Conditioner

Yes another lush bomb!!

There is only one left in my basket now....sad times, I know :(

This is the May Day bath bomb and buying supports a cause that you can read about on the lush website: click here to see

Personally I think this looks more like a skunk rather than a badger but fortunately it smells nothing like a skunk. In fact I think this is possibly one of the best smelling bath bombs I have ever tried.

I thought to myself there is no way it's just plain white on the inside, there has to be a colour or some sort of surprise at the centre.

As it fizzed away my disappointment started to set in and I realised that it was just a plain white bath bomb. It did make my water look milky which I suppose is better than nothing.

There was something at the centre though.....

A nice little message to keep the badgers alive :)

Despite the lack of colour I would probably buy this bath bomb again purely because of the strong, sweet floral scent it gives off. (and to save the badgers of course!)

Derma Organics Daily Hydrating Conditioner  £12.99 from T.K Maxx.

This could have been my favourite conditioner. It could have been my MOST FAVOURITE conditioner.

It's just as versatile as the Pantene proV conditioners. Good for de-tangling, co-washing, leave-ins, refreshing and even deep conditioning. It makes my hair super soft, silky and shiny and well moisturised. It also contains rice protein so there's a little bit of nourishment in there.

The only downside which I'm not even that sure about is the scent......In the bottle it smells lovely but when used as a leave-in, both my Mom and sisters all complained about the smell of my hair and told me it wasn't good. This is such a shame because the conditioner works so well but despite the scent problem I can still use it as a decent co-washer and deep conditioner.

I should really do an update on my successful recipes but it's a working progress at the moment so maybe sometime soon. :)

Hope you enjoyed reading!