Kiss my face cleansing mask

I've struggled with blackheads ever since I was in secondary school, they weren't obvious at first but gradually I noticed these gaping pores in my nose. Only one mask has proven to be effective against my blackheads and I was hoping that this one would also give similar results but i was sadly dissapointed. I've only used it a few times but in terms if immediate results it totally obliterates spots so if you're suffering from acne you should definitely give this mask a go :).

Even my sister has used it but she only applies it to the areas covered in spots and by the next day they have reduced in size and redness dramatically!!

It will cost you a pretty penny but if you're not sharing it with any pesky little sisters it should last you a long while with 1-2 weekly uses. I should also warn you that for the first couple of times that you apply the mask it really stings!!!! But after a few uses your skin no longer feels like it's on fire. As it dries it changes to a lighter green colour and your face literally feels like it's been plastered!!! This face mask is definitely as potent as it says!! Best of all it's made from natural ingredients!!!

Hope you enjoyed reading!!! :)


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