3 Aug 2014

Lush King of skin body butter

When I saw the advertisement for Nivea's in-shower skin conditioner I thought to myself "naaah that'll never work". I thought that there is no way any type of skin conditioner could work because the hot water from the shower would surely take the moisture out that had just been 'conditioned' in......

.......until I tried this.

I bought because the description on the lush website led me to believe this little bar was an exfoliator so I was very confused to find it din't lather. I realised that when melted it had an oily buttery consistency. I just continued on anyway hoping it would do something.

By the time I got out of the shower and patted my self dry I noticed an oily residue all over my skin and finally realised the the body butter is an in-shower moisturiser for lazy people like myself who cannot be bothered to moisturise out of the comfort of a warm lovely shower.

Unfortunately I only got three uses from the bar as it doesn't last long at all. if the butter bar was less pricey I would definitely but it regularly but until then it's great as a lazy day treat

Hope you enjoyed reading