My long list of hair products

Each  product mentioned will have a click-able link to either a shop/online store where the product is available or linked to one of my blog posts with more info on the product including where to buy it from.

This list Is Incomplete as I have a dozens of more products (mostly conditioners) to try out in the future. Of course I will update every now and then to add any new products to the list.

Note: links to blog posts may have other hair products but ignore those because only the products mentioned in this list are products I have deemed safe with regards to harmful/toxic ingredients. Not all of these products are 100% natural but any synthetic ingredients found are, to my knowledge, safe to use or as safe as you can get compared to alternative ingredients (i.e preservatives such as parabens yuk).

Naked Renew strengthening shampoo (this one is the most gentle)

Deep Conditioners
These are the conditioners I use exclusively as deep treatments, most of them should be okay to use on finer/looser textures if used in smaller amounts however if you do have finer/looser/thin hair avoid the Gum Hair, DermOrganics and Liquid gold conditioners as these are quite thick and heavy. 

Gum Hair Juiced conditioner (available much cheaper at home bargains) link is merely for the picture

*WARING the last two are protein rich conditioners aimed to restore lost protein to damaged hair. This is great but be careful not to condition with these too much as it will make your hair dry and stiff, if this happens stop using them and deep condition regularly until moisture balance is restored and the hair feels less stiff and more manageable. Protein will make hair strong and resilient but healthy hair should d have elasticity and flexibility which is occurs when hair is properly moisturised

Regular (thinner) Conditioners
*Note these conditioners are what I use as my co-washers, detanglers, and leave-ins as I have thick curly hair. Those of you with finer/looser textures may use these as regular rinse out conditioners if the deep conditioners are too heavy/thick. 

Pantene Pro-v:
The Pantene pro-v range in particular is my favourite because they are high quality and versatile meaning that they are also good deep conditioners however I usually keep them in this category. The are the best moisturisers compared to other regular conditioners but still have good detangling/cleansing properties.
Volume & Body - also available in ASDA (last time I checked)

Herbal Essences:
These conditioners are the best detanglers but certainly not the best moisturisers
Totally twisted  (great for curly hair as it is slightly more creamy compare to the other HE cond)

Garnier Ultimate Blends:
These are slightly more moisturising than the herbal essences conditioners but not much different

Aldi Volume Conditioner (orange one in the middle)
Argan Magic Conditioner (this I use exclusively as a co-washer/detangler, never as a leave-in)

ASDA Little Angels Detangle Spray Formerly sold as This, but packaging is still similar if you want to find it

Home made Hair Butter* (yet to blog about)

Hair Cream:
*Note most of these creams are specifically made for afro/ curly textured hair, I would only recommend the L,oreal night serum to those with looser/finer textures.

Straight Hair/Flat Ironing:
Kertain plus cream (available in T.K Maxx)

If all of the above fails, or becomes complicated:
Naked to the rescue hair bundle (warning, the shampoo is quite stripping and the other two products are quite thick and heavy, maybe not suitable for naturally straight fine hair as it might be weighed down.)

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