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Mellor & Russell Argan shine conditioner

I think only a product jukie can walk into poundland and come out with four bottles of conditioner despite have a litre of it home, :S 
But product junkiness aside this is a simple lightweight regular conditioner from the brand Mellor & Russell. If you follow this blog regularly then you will know that I have tried other argan hair care products from this brand also from poundland.
I know the picture above isn't great but the packaging is shiny so it's difficult to get a decent pic without any glare.
If I'm completely honest this conditioner isn't much different from the previous Mellor & Russell argan conditioner. They are both cheap lightweight/watery conditioners with lots of slip and a bit of argan oil for that extra kick of moisture & shine.
I dothink you get more for your money with this one as there is 250ml of product which is a little more generous than the 150ml you get in the original argan oil conditioner.
The packaging is pretty and there is a…

Bits and Bobs #8

If any of you do your grocerie shopping at ASDA and you can't stop yourself from waltzing through the beauty aisle like intend to do, you may have noticed that herbal essences have introduced a new range of products. They are the Nearly Naked range and are supposedly free of harmful chemicals such as parabens or colourants. These were launchec in the US over a year ago but have made their way to the UK. Only the conditioners are CG freindly and to be perfectly honest the formulas are pretty much the same as the other Herbal Essences conditioners, the only difference is that they smell more minty because of mint/peppermint extracts. I have to warn though that if any of you plan on buying these be weary of the moisture condtitioner (middle, in purple) because it has a stong minty scent and guenuinley smells of men's aftershave (although if your buying this for a dude then I'm sure they'd appreciated it). The shine conditioner has a mild minty scent and the volume condti…

Macadamia oil infused comb

I beleive i first saw this comb in boots and when I saw that it was oil infused i initially thought 'WTF!!!'
In my mind I imagined all the ways you could infuse a comb with oil.......
Are there little holes where the oil comes out????
Is it solidified at the tip and comes off there????
What happens when the oil runs out??? Is it refillable??? It doesnt look it????
I was very intrigued to say the least but as soon as i saw the high pricetag I was no longer interested. The comb was officially out of my thoughts for good........ 
Until my little sister stole one of my detangling combs!!!!! (it was actually the family's comb but i claimed it as mine)
I was in no rush to replace it as i had a spare in my travel bag but i like to keep my travel items separate from my home stuff so I had to get a new one eventually.
I ended up buying this comb because i was ordering a new face cream and needed a total of £15 to get free delivery. This comb was available at a much cheaper price t…