Macadamia oil infused comb

I beleive i first saw this comb in boots and when I saw that it was oil infused i initially thought 'WTF!!!'

In my mind I imagined all the ways you could infuse a comb with oil.......

Are there little holes where the oil comes out????

Is it solidified at the tip and comes off there????

What happens when the oil runs out??? Is it refillable??? It doesnt look it????

I was very intrigued to say the least but as soon as i saw the high pricetag I was no longer interested. The comb was officially out of my thoughts for good........ 

Until my little sister stole one of my detangling combs!!!!! (it was actually the family's comb but i claimed it as mine)

I was in no rush to replace it as i had a spare in my travel bag but i like to keep my travel items separate from my home stuff so I had to get a new one eventually.

I ended up buying this comb because i was ordering a new face cream and needed a total of £15 to get free delivery. This comb was available at a much cheaper price than what i saw in boots and since i needed a comb anyway i went for it!! :) I did watch reviews online prior to purchasing so I wasn't completey wreckless!!!  

I think those with type 4 hair may not like this comb because it is thin and with tightly spaced teeth and there is a possibility of it breaking. However if you have looser curls this comb is like a gift from angels.

I'm very pleased i did purchase this because it's the best god damn comb I've ever come across in my life!!!!! I would say I love it more than my tangle teezers but for completely different reasons. If like me you have no brain and can't fathom how a comb is infused with oil then I'll explain.....

The comb itself is made by pouring liquid plastic (resin) into a mould however before pouring, the liquid resin is mixed with macadaimia oil treatment. This means that the comb is MADE OF OIL!!!!! MINDBLOWN!!!!

So clearly, as long as the comb still extist the oil treatment should, theoretically never run out, ofcourse i don't know the composition/concentration of how much oil is in there but it's enough to make my hair feel fabulous. For the past month or so i've been using a hair mask which has done nothing for my hair. The silkiness and shine that I had before was lost and my curls were becoming more difficult to manage and define. I had to resort to the twirling method for definition but i still lacked smoothness and shine. 

I thought all was lost until I used this comb which restored the sleekness and shine to my hair after just one use whilst washing/detangling. Ofcourse the comb is rather thin so I wouldn't use it until I'm done finger detangling but even then it glides through my hair with eases and gets to all the small tangles my previous comb was incacable of detangling without inflicting pain on my scalp.

I love the packaging and I love this comb!!! I've also had a look at the actual macadaimia healing oil treatment and this comb does in fact give all the benefits of the oil treatment but without the mess of applying the actual oil. It's so good it feels like cheating!!!! There must be a catch right?????.......


The healing oil treatment contains dimethicone and cyclomethicone as the first two ingredients which means they are likely to be in the resin of the comb. I don't know whether it's possible to get build up from a plastic comb but it would explain the fast results :(

I knew it was too good to be true but hopefully the silicones don't transfer from the comb onto the hair otherwise I wouldn't be good news. I do cleanse regurlarly with shampoo hso it probably won't be a problem for me but if you're an avid co washer I would be weary of this comb.

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