Mellor & Russell Argan shine conditioner

I think only a product jukie can walk into poundland and come out with four bottles of conditioner despite have a litre of it home, :S 

But product junkiness aside this is a simple lightweight regular conditioner from the brand Mellor & Russell. If you follow this blog regularly then you will know that I have tried other argan hair care products from this brand also from poundland.

I know the picture above isn't great but the packaging is shiny so it's difficult to get a decent pic without any glare.

If I'm completely honest this conditioner isn't much different from the previous Mellor & Russell argan conditioner. They are both cheap lightweight/watery conditioners with lots of slip and a bit of argan oil for that extra kick of moisture & shine.

I dothink you get more for your money with this one as there is 250ml of product which is a little more generous than the 150ml you get in the original argan oil conditioner.

The packaging is pretty and there is also a matching hair mask which I will be reviewing soon.

Hope you enjoyed reading :)


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